What is still to be observed in a call-off loan, you will find in our guide on call-off.

What is still to be observed in a call-off loan, you will find in our guide on call-off.

Camibank can still apply for a credit line from Amphibank Bank. This flexibility is also a major reason for the low interest rates, because who offers no attractive conditions, can not give loans.

This is often different at the Dispo, here banks can trust that the customers do not change because of a small price difference immediately their current account.

Compared to the classic installment loan, flexibility is a major advantage. Anyone who wants to set up his new home or buy Christmas presents often does not know what the costs will be. The solution here is a call-off loan, an invoice comes, the money is retrieved and only so many debts are taken as absolutely necessary.

If there is money left over at the end of the month, it will be used for the eradication, if it is needed then it will not be redeemed.

The advantages:

  • Interest cheaper than at the dispo.
  • Fast retrieval when needed.
  • Interest will only be paid for money actually withdrawn.
  • Flexible repayment

The interest rates are currently historically low, but that’s no reason to pay unnecessarily. Source: Deutsche Bundesbank

However, there are also a number of disadvantages. Compared to the Dispo, it is above all the higher cost. You often have to apply for a framework loan from another bank and initially legitimize yourself there. In addition, the money must first be transferred to the current account, before it is available.

Compared to the installment loan, interest rates are generally higher. The lack of a fixed repayment, which is a great advantage for many, is a big disadvantage for those with little financial discipline. The temptation to spend the money on the current account is large, the credit is then not repaid. If you do not even pay the interest, the call-off loan will even increase from month to month. In the installment loan, however, the monthly payments are deducted directly from the account, which reduces the temptation to spend the money immediately.

So these are the disadvantages:

  • Higher interest rates than installment credit.
  • No regular repayment.

Camibank or Credit bankive wave to the question of a call-off loan. 

easyCredit, the Targobank or Creditplus wave to the question of a call-off loan. 

One of the few large direct banks offering a call-off loan is the Metabank. Under the heading “Framework Loan”, it offers a flexible loan in the amount of $ 2,500 to $ 25,000. The interest rate is the same for all customers and is well below that of a disposition credit.

At Amphibank Bank, the repayment is based on the discretionary framework. If you exhaust the maximum 8,000 USD, you have to pay at least 80 USD a month, even if he has only availed himself of the availability of 800 USD. Free special repayments are possible at any time, so here the Comfort credit is just as flexible as a dispo or the competitive product of Metabank.

Apply directly for a loan from Amphibank Bank

Apply directly for a loan from Amphibank Bank

Like the Amphibank Bank, Yaki Sand Bank has its origins in lending, it was founded in 1958 as a general installment bank and is now owned by the Pension Fund of Turkish Officers Yaki. A fixed rate is also mandatory here, the amount of which depends on the size of the credit line.

The maximum loan can be requested for 96 months. However, new money can be retrieved immediately, as long as the credit line is not completely exhausted. Anyone who has already exhausted the framework can at least get new money as he has already repaid the loan.

Now directly Yaki Sand Bank Request a loan offer

oyakankerbank Now directly OYAK ANKER Bank Request a loan offer

In direct comparison, the Metabank offers the greatest flexibility. A fixed rate is not necessary, but borrowers can also arrange an agreement with the Metabank. This is especially useful when there is a risk otherwise to neglect the eradication.

Finally, the bank will start a Credit bureau query as a rule. 

Finally, the bank will start a Credit bureau query as a rule. 

The application is largely possible online. A binding agreement is only reached when the bank sends an application and the signed form is returned to the bank.

It must also specify the size of the credit line and the interest rate. Often the interest rate depends on creditworthiness, but some providers such as Metabank also offer a uniform interest rate.

However, interest only accrues when the money is used. Often a call-off loan similar to call money can be used.

This means that once the framework credit agreement has been completed and the facility has been approved by the bank, the customer can log in to their master credit account and transfer money to their checking account.

As soon as the money has been transferred, interest also accrues, albeit not on the entire budget, but only on the amount actually used. At Amphibank Bank and Yaki Sand Bank, payment of the first installments is now beginning.

To hedge credit insurance. Possible is the protection against:

To hedge credit insurance. Possible is the protection against:

  • Unemployment,
  • Occupational or work disability,
  • Death.

In some cases, hedging is only possible for all three risks, and only individual risks can be hedged at Yaki Sand Bank, with death protection always being included.

Moreover, in the event of unemployment or inability to work, not the entire loan will be taken over, but the installments will be paid for a pre-determined period. With the KreditPlus insurance of the UW Bank, the rates for involuntary unemployment are paid, for example, for a maximum of one year, in the event of incapacity for work from the sixth to the 36th week.

The protection is not always meaningful. In the case of unemployment and inability to work, the state security systems such as unemployment benefit and sickness benefit first. Although both benefits did not replace the entire salary, they may be sufficient for the installment payment.

Some workers also have paid sick leave over six weeks, either by wage or salary agreement, and then continue to receive the full salary during the illness. A hedge is therefore especially useful if the state benefits are not sufficient for repayment.

Protection against death is only important if the family is to be covered. If you live alone, you do not need a death protection. Often, not only the loan amount is hedged, but the complete disposition is paid, even if it was only partially exhausted. Although this is gratifying for the heirs, it also makes the insurance expensive.

Officials or pensioners with the same income and the same loan amount.

Officials or pensioners with the same income and the same loan amount.

Installment credit comparison offers far more favorable conditions than the three providers examined in the on-call loan comparison.

For the rescheduling framework loans, unlike in advertising partially alleged, therefore only partially suitable. Because here it is already clear, how much money you need to replace an expensive old loan.

The collection is more expensive than a call-off loan, but who covers his account only for a few days to then replace it with a installment loan, for which the cost of a call-off credit is not always worthwhile. 

Even for a single large purchase, the installment loan may be better suited. At many banks installment loans can also be applied for at short notice, the money is then within a few days in the account. For example, if you want to buy a new sofa, you can apply for the loan only after the purchase.

Under certain circumstances, a combination of Dispo and installment loan may be the alternative to the call credit. Expenditures are then initially financed by the Dispo and then immediately replaced by a installment loan. If you are in the red for just a few days, the effort to apply for a credit line is often not worth it.

Anyone who sets up a new home needs regular money over a longer period of time. The refurbishment itself is financed by a real estate loan at the cheapest, but for furniture or household appliances you often need a call-off loan.

The situation is different when regular money is needed over a longer period of time and under certain circumstances it may be higher. That may be the case, for example, when a house has just been bought. The home purchase and renovation are financed most cheaply through a real estate loan, but for a new bed or the new corner bank you often need additional loans.

Even then, it makes sense, of course, to replace the call-off loan with a installment loan, when most of the expenses are completed.


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