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Anime has given us some beautifully moving movies including Maquia and A Silent Voice, so here are five heartbreaking movies and how to watch them.

Over the past decade, anime has grown from a beloved niche to an internationally popular sensation. Her ability to tell unique and complex stories coupled with stellar animation often leaves a strong impression on her audience. Eventually, every anime fan comes to find a story that touches them deeply in one way or another, as the anime has arguably given us some of the best tears of modern times.

However, while the anime shows have multiple episodes to engage viewers and fully flesh out the characters and the story, the movies only have an hour and a half to two hours to achieve these same things – and much the same. have done brilliantly. Here are five of the saddest animated movies and where you can watch them.

I want to eat your pancreas

A strange title with a sincere meaning behind it, I want to eat your pancreas is a dramatic romance that has become a cult since its debut in 2018. The film follows Haruki Shiga, a high school student aloof and detached from the world around him. One day, he discovers the diary of a popular and outgoing classmate, Sakura Yamauchi, who shares with him that she suffers from a fatal pancreatic disease. Haruki is the only one besides her family who knows about her terminal illness and is not at first taken aback by this revelation. However, the two ultimately form an unlikely connection as Haruki concedes to accompany Sakura for the remainder of her time on Earth.

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Sadly, this heartbreaking movie is harder to watch than the other movies on this list. While not currently available to stream anywhere online, DVD and Blu-ray are available for purchase on Amazon.

Maquia: when the promised flower blooms

Maquia: when the promised flower blooms

This fantasy drama is criminally underrated, but Maquia: when the promised flower blooms perfectly captures the theme of motherly love through the years. The story is about Maquia, a member of an immortal race called Iorph – mystical beings who live separately from humans. When the village of Iorph is attacked by their neighbors, many Irophs are killed and Maquia is caught in chaos. She wakes up in a forest in the human world, where she comes across an orphaned little boy. Unable to leave the baby behind, Maquia decides to raise the child as her own.

maquia is available to stream on Prime Video as well as to rent or buy from Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, and the Microsoft Store. DVD and Blu-ray can also be purchased from Amazon.

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The girl who jumped in time

The girl who jumped in time is a sci-fi romance that won several awards in 2006 and 2007. He follows Makoto Konno, a bright and nonchalant high school student stuck between deciding her future and spending time with her best friends. After being nearly hit by an oncoming train, she suddenly gains the power to literally jump back in time. With this newfound power, Makoto soon realizes that she can avoid accidents, achieve perfect grades, and relive her happiest hours, using her ability to skip time for her own desires. However, her joy does not last long as it is revealed that every choice she makes comes at a price.

The film is available to rent and purchase from iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Video, and the Microsoft Store. For viewers looking for physical copies, the DVD and Blu-ray can also be purchased from Amazon.

A silent voice

A shonen drama as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking, A silent voice has become one of the most popular animated films to date, and for good reason. When a deaf girl, Shoko Nishimiya, is transferred to a new elementary school, Shoya Ishida and several of her classmates bully her relentlessly. When Shoko leaves school, Shoya is singled out and blamed, becoming bullied himself. Now in high school, Shoya suffers from mental illness and is gripped by deep regrets he harbors for his past actions. His goal now is to right all his misdeeds in a journey of redemption.

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A silent voice is available to stream on Netflix and for purchase from Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, and the Microsoft Store. DVD and Blu-ray can be purchased from Amazon.

the Grave of the Fireflies

One of the most successful animated films is the historical drama the Grave of the Fireflies. Set in the closing months of WWII, the film follows 14-year-old Seita, who is tasked with caring for her 4-year-old sister Setsuko after an American bombardment destroys their town and home. Orphans and homeless, Seita and Setsuko can only rely on each other as they try to stay together under these unforgiving circumstances. This story portrays the realistic struggles of two siblings trying to survive the devastation of war in a haunting and emotional way.

the Grave of the Fireflies is available for rental and purchase on iTunes and Vudu. DVD and Blu-ray can be purchased from Amazon.

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