Ways to discover subculture and cultural identity through animated films

There are many pop cultures in the United States, most of which originate from other countries. That’s why modern America includes a variety of foods, music, clothing, and art. Among the rapidly growing culture is anime.

This Japanese art style made its way to the United States through video games, manga, and anime. There are different anime subcultures in the country. These genres cater to different age groups. Let’s dive into the different subcultures admired by most people.

Lively subculture

You might wonder why anime is a subculture! To understand this, you need to consider the appeal of anime. The love that most young people have for them is greater than what they offer.

With its subculture, it reflects the destination of entertainment videos and televisions. He can connect with people of all ages, including those who have been ignored by society their entire lives.

Watching great anime shows takes time. As a student, you can’t just assume it’s wasting your time because you can quickly learn and relate cultural identity through anime. That is to say, they are essential to improving your understanding of communities. And this resulted in a great knowledge of education. Yet, you can learn about identity from different sites. As professionals, we have prepared for you an essay base of more than 500 words on identity on Samplius. These are great resources for teachers and students to enhance their knowledge on various topics.

Here is the main subculture of anime.

Fandom and “Otakus”

Otaku is a Japanese term that refers to people who have great interest in anime and manga fans. These people devote themselves to reading or watching their favorite manga series. In addition to reading and watching, Otakus are also great collectors. They tend to collect figurines, accessories and anything that interests them.

The rate at which anime fandoms are growing in the United States is very high. They are mostly people who share the same interest in a show, movie or something else. They are spreading everywhere, including on social networks.

A popular form of anime fandom is fan fiction. Here the fan creates stories of their favorite shows for others to watch and allows their fantasies to come true. The first element of this popular form is having a highly interactive nature like clubs and conventions. The second is the subcultural capital. It is the knowledge one gains from another person’s object of desire to feel comfortable with other like-minded fans.

Video games and cosplay

Video games have played a huge role in expanding anime culture among young people. Most video games use character styles that attract the attention of most gamers. Popular game genres incorporate anime like Final Fantasy and Pokémon. As a result, most of these games can sell well as they resonate well with the target audience.

On the other hand, character cosplay is trending in the country. It combines both “costume” and “game”. In this case, most of the fans try to dress up as their favorite characters with their friends just for fun.

Major events like San Diego Comic-Con now include anime during their annual events. This shows how much this culture has developed among Americans. These days, most fan conventions are more like a social gathering of fans who love the same video games.

Well-known anime and manga

There are many iconic movies and manga series that most American citizens love. Some are very popular, even though it’s been years since they aired. These include the Naruto series and the One Piece series. The Naruto series started in 1999 as a manga series. It then became a show in 2002, and it aired until 2007.

The Naruto series is among the best-selling in all of history, selling approximately 220 million copies worldwide. The show was popular to the point of unveiling a second part. The series was renamed Naruto Shippuden in 2007.

The One Piece Series manga has sold approximately 320 million copies, making it one of the most beloved manga in human history. Due to their great popularity in the United States, this anime has influenced most of the cultural practices of Americans. There is a very strong connection between subculture and culture among most young people.

anime style

Most students across the United States love anime because of its awesome style. They learn a lot from these styles. It ranges from new vocabularies to new styles to express them in writing. That’s why students who watch these shows have better abilities to write essays about cultural identity anime and how it affects people in society.

The popular phrases leave memorable thoughts that last for years in the student’s head. Unique styles are used to grab the attention of the target audience. Just think of the explosive battle scenes that give the anime an exciting edge and make the audience feel like they’re part of the show. If you’re an anime fan, you can easily tell how quickly people are embracing excessive hair like spiky hair or big afros across the country.


Anime culture has reached the most famous pop culture in the United States. Even today, it continues to expand and influence most of the practices of students and community members. It teaches community members respect and other highly adored values. To be specific, he has reached the hearts of different people in the country and strongly influences their daily lifestyle through great performances.

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