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Fast facts on: The best popular anime series of all time

With so many different genres to choose from, it’s not easy to put together a definitive list of the best anime series of all time. A show that one considers ultraviolent in its own right is a masterclass in realism for another. Slice of Life shows aren’t for everyone, but for some, there’s nothing more comforting. Huge combat robots are boring to many, while others rave about the idea. From Shonen, Seinen, and Shoujo to Mecha, Harem, and the ever-popular Isekai, there really is something for everyone in the world of anime.

However, there are a handful of TV specials that transcend the trappings of their genres, and it’s those universal delights that we’ll be looking at today. The best anime series include popular shows like Death Note, Attack on Titan and many more. Plus, the list of best anime is growing with so many new anime debuting every year. The general term “anime” in the United States can refer to any animation originating in Japan, and distinguishes certain aspects of Japanese animation from more Western styles.

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Re:Zero – Starting life in another world

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World actually started life of its own as fanfiction on Shousetsuka ni Narou’s website, inspired by The Familiar of Zero light novel series. It follows a hikikomori (a Japanese term for modern day hermits who isolate themselves from society) who is suddenly and unexpectedly drawn into a fantasy world. Natsuki Subaru rarely leaves his house, only venturing outside for supplies.

One day, he returns from his local supermarket when he is transported to a land inhabited by goblins, witches, and all sorts of magical creatures. He is killed shortly after arriving in the kingdom of Lugnica (one of the four main nations in the world of “Re:Zero”), but he regenerates, leading him to realize he can change the past into being in the past. Present. he dies

elf lied

“Elfen Lied” follows a Diclonius (a mutant species of humans with invisible telekinetic appendages known as Vectors) named Lucy. The story begins when Lucy escapes from the government facility she is being held in and brutally kills many of her captors. However, she is injured in the escape and develops a split personality as a result.

Although Lucy has been hardened by the inhuman experiments she was subjected to behind closed doors, her second personality (Nyu) is sweet and innocent. This is the side of her that Kouta and Yuka, the friendly locals who host them, get to know. Together, they attempt to protect her new friend from the government agents pursuing her.


No Japanese export has impacted pop culture quite like Pokémon. What started as a pair of twin games on Nintendo’s original Game Boy quickly became the highest-grossing media franchise of all time (grossing over $100 billion worldwide), spawning multiple video games, a hugely popular collectible card game, numerous movies, and, of course, a long-running anime series.

The first season of the “Pokemon” anime may not be a masterpiece of storytelling or a landmark in animation, but it holds a special place in the hearts of 90s kids and 2000, and for good reason. The adventures of Ash (or Satoshi in the Japanese version, named after franchise creator Satoshi Tajiri) and his faithful companion Pikachu continue to lift your spirits today.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is set in an alternate timeline where the planet is divided into three superpowers. Europe and Africa have merged and are known as United Europe, Asia is now known as the Chinese Federation, and America is known as the Holy British Empire. In this world, the fictional Queen Elizabeth III has fled.

Western invaders are trying to take culture and freedoms away from the Japanese, changing the name of the country to Area 11 and calling its people “Elevens”, which of course does not sit well with the locals. Lelouch (an exiled British prince who has lived in Japan since falling out with his father following the death of his mother) must save his adopted country from his tyrannical father.

A punch

If you’re starting to feel superhero fatigue, you’re not alone: ​​the hero of the hit webcomic-turned-anime One-Punch Man is feeling it too. Saitama is so powerful that he can take down any opponent with (you guessed it) a single punch, and he feels pretty exhausted. “Putting is often pretty useless against life’s troubles,” the character’s creator, who goes by the moniker ONE, told “But in the One-Punch Man universe, we made Saitama the kind of person who could adapt his life to the world around him, armed only with his immense power.

The Setup is a great comedy, but it’s an anime that has something for everyone. Combat is both imaginative and intense, especially after the alien invader Boros arrives. We come for the laughs and the punches, but the heart of the show is Saitama’s relationship with Genos, whose family was killed by a cyborg villain.

Gintama: The Iconic Comic Anime

Jump straight into another monumentally huge shonen series, it’s Gintama! Gintama fits into many different genres, including adventure, shonen, comedy, sci-fi, and mystery. But the focus is mostly on action or gags. As for the plot, it’s as crazy as it gets, set in an alternate version of Edo Japan where aliens have arrived and taken over.

But as for Gintama’s heavy plot, it mostly focuses on Gintama himself and his group of friends. It’s self-referential, fourth wall breaking, childish, satirical and downright hilarious. Gintama really is the perfect series for those looking for a comedy show that seems endless.

Demon Slayer: Shounen’s New Star

After the Demon Slayer adaptation aired in 2019, it was impossible to ignore. Hosted by well-known studio Ufotable, this show was so well done from the first episode that it was clear this series was going to be a hit. And wherever he’s gone, because whether it’s manga or anime, Demon Slayer is incredibly popular in both East and West. And with Mugen Train coming to Crunchyroll, its popularity won’t recover until Season 2.

And while some may not be the biggest fans of the Demon Slayer narrative in general, it’s hard to argue that Ufotable’s incredible animation work, impeccably well-written characters, simple story but instantly captivating, or the concept of fighting demons with an elemental sword styles that don’t go well together. to create the global phenomenon we see today.


“Monster” is the gripping story of Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon who worked in Germany during the Cold War. He is stationed in Düsseldorf, in western Germany, where patients from the east tend to be treated less well. Tenma becomes an outcast after refusing to give up an East German boy for a West German politician, though he soon realizes it might not have been the smartest decision: the boy whom he saves is Johan. Liebert, who turns out to be a serial killer. .

When the doctors who attacked Tenma are found dead, the stranger is suspected, but the police are unable to find any evidence against him. Almost a decade passes as Tenma manages to rebuild his life, but Liebert reappears and the Japanese doctor is once again suspected of having committed his crimes.


If you love samurai sagas and sci-fi, then Gintama is your anime. Based on Hideaki Sorachi’s hit manga, it’s set in an alternate version of Edo period Japan, where aliens called Amanto have taken over. Frightened by the power of the amanto (meaning “sky people”), the shogun backs down and lets the invaders into his lands, but the proud samurai does not turn around easily. Despite the puppet shogun banning the carrying of swords, the self-governing samurai refuse to abide by the loose new laws and set out to rid the earth of these unwanted alien vermin.

After coming across a group of aliens trying to send a human girl to a brothel, he leaps into action and puts her down, earning the respect and admiration of his brother, Shinpachi. Amazed by his sister’s savior, the bespectacled samurai apprentice joins Gintoki’s team. However, not all aliens are bad: their crew is later joined by teenage alien Kagura, who hails from a particularly badass alien clan.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: A Wild Ride in Eight Parts

Take any other Shonen series, replace all the characters with unnatural 6’5 muscle men and give each their own super-powered mind, and you have JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Written and drawn by Hirohiko Araki, the source material has been around for decades and is an excellent story that follows the lives of various people from the Joestar line such as Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro, Josuke, Giorno, Jolyne, Johnny, and even Jojolion. .

Each piece is unique, distinctive and captivating. What originally started as a story about a stone mask and vampires is now a story about using your weird spirit power to punch another spirit power user while looking stylish.

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