Top Anime Shows on MX Player in September 2022

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Quick Facts About: The Best Anime Shows on MX Player

The best anime series of all time is no small feat. A show that one viewer considers surreal to themselves is another’s master class in realism. Slice of Life programs are not for everyone, however, for some there is nothing more comforting. The huge battle bots are boring to many, while others are let down by the idea. However, there are a handful of specials that transcend the trappings of their genres and it’s these universal swaggers that we’re going to look at now.

From landmark shows that inspired generations of fans and creators to modern classics that are a shining example of the medium, we rank the best anime series of all time.

Here is the list of best anime shows on MX Player

ViR: the robot boy

Rating: 4.9/5

The series follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save the day with his quick thinking and wide range of robotic abilities, as well as his closest friends: Chulbul the donkey, 8-year-old Imli and Gintu the magic genius. Vir is a humanoid robot with superhuman qualities, emotions and abilities. It is a creation of Dr. Prem Sahay and lives with him. Dr. Sahay is a kind old man, he created Vir to help others.

The series follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save the day with his quick thinking and a wide variety of robotic abilities, as well as his closest friends: Chulbul the donkey, 8-year-old Imli and Gintu the magician of jeans. The main competitor is Mad Max with its splicer Timbaktoon. Mad Max is a mad scientist who wants to capture Vir and destroy him, but after creating the same robot as him, he will destroy humanity and the world, thus creating Mad Max’s other world, where only he can rule.


Rating: 4.8/5

In a distant kingdom, Cinderella lives happily with her mother and father until her mother dies. Cinderella’s father remarries a cold and cruel woman who has two daughters, Drizela and Anastasia. When her father also dies, Cinderella’s evil mother turns her into a virtual maid in her home. Meanwhile, facing the city in the castle, the king decides that his son, the prince, must find a suitable bride and provide her with the required number of grandchildren.

The king then invites all the eligible girls in the kingdom to a costume ball, where his son can choose his wife. Cinderella doesn’t have a proper ball gown for dancing, but her friends the mice, led by Gus and Jack, and the birds help make one, only the stepsisters will immediately smash the ball during the night. At this point, the Fairy Godmother, the Pumpkin Carriage, the Royal Ball, the Midnight Slam, the Glass Slipper enter and the rest, as they say, is a fairy tale.

little Krishna

Rating: 4.7/5

Little Krishna is the favorite of Vridavan, the land of peace and tranquility, constantly threatened by the evil king Kamsa’s wickedness. While Krsna is busy with his endless pranks and accompanied pranks by his friends, Kamsa remains anxious as he knows that Krsna is his enemy. As before, a prophecy had threatened Kamsa that his evil reign was over and a savior would descend to earth to face Kamsa the worst adversity of his life, which is his death. Thus, Kamsa’s sole purpose in life was to find his Angel of Death.

The Lion King

Rating: 4.6/5

After being crowned the next king of the jungle, the young lion Simba is so eager to take Mufasa’s proud father’s place as king. However, this makes Simba’s malevolent Uncle Scar jealous of him. But when Scar suddenly kills Mufasa, Simba feels responsible for his death and leaves the house. Upon meeting two single men named Timon and Pumbaa, Simba adopts their “Hakuna Matata” forms. Years later, Simba grows closer to his childhood friend Nala and the wise baboon Rafiki and must return home to end Scar’s evil reign and fulfill his destiny as the new king.


Rating: 4.5/5

A former Marine arrives at a psychiatric hospital in a remote castle to run it. There, he attempts to rehabilitate patients by allowing them to fulfill their wildest fantasies and desires. Unorthodox psychiatrist Colonel Kane has been sent to a converted castle in the Pacific Northwest used by the US government as a mental institution for servicemen who fought in the Vietnam War, and he already has a lot to gain. prisoners feigning madness or not.

Still struggling with his inner demons, Kane takes a particular interest in psychotic ex-astronaut Captain Katsu, whose metaphysical researches trigger a recurring feverish nightmare. Increasingly, as Kane and Cutshaw engage in heated theological debates over the existence of God and evil, the troubled scientist finds himself at an impasse, needing a brilliant but reckless plan to identify the root. complex mental thought. soldiers. . damage. Can Colonel Kane taste an afterlife?

kung fu panda

Rating: 4.4/5

Surprisingly, of all the martial arts champions and kung fu masters, Poe, ever plump and laid back and the least athletic resident of the peaceful Peace Valley, is chosen as the city’s defender. Now, as the legendary and mighty dragon warrior of the community, Po and his strong team of kung fu aces (monkeys, tigers, mandis, vipers and cranes) must protect the ancient city of the snow leopard avenger, Tai Lung. . However, can the Furious Five and the most incredible of all heroes, Po, fulfill both their prophecy and his destiny?

the jungle Book

Rating: 4.3/5

Bagira the Panther and Baloo the Bear struggle to convince a boy to leave the jungle for human civilization. Abandoned after an accident, baby Mowgli is taken in and raised by a family of wolves. As the boy grows older, the wise panther Bagheera realizes that he must return to his own people in the nearby village. Baloo the Bear, however, thinks differently, taking young Mowgli under his wing and teaching him that life in the jungle is the best life there is.

Bagheera realizes that Mowgli is in danger, especially from Shere Khan, the tiger who hates everyone. When Baloo finally returns, Mowgli rushes into the jungle where he survives a second encounter with Kaa the Serpent and finally Shere Khan. However, it is the sight of a beautiful girl who takes Mowgli to the nearby man village and stays there.

the good crocodile

Rating: 4.3/5

Some things are much better left out. Eight traveling teenagers would learn this lesson the hard way. The giant crocodile defends its nest, threatening their lives. They must find a way to escape safely, or they will face a gruesome death. Eight teenagers go on a weekend boat trip to a remote Southern California lake and become a nightmare when they are chased by a monstrous man-eating crocodile after disturbing its nest and must soon come together to survive.

bedtime stories

Rating: 4.2/5

In 1974, Marty Bronson built the Sunny Vista Motel in Los Angeles, California to raise his son Skeeter and daughter Wendy. However, he is not a good businessman and the hotel goes bankrupt. Marty is forced to sell his motel to Barry Nottingham, who promises to hire Skeeter as general manager when he grows up. Years later, Barry builds a new hotel. he forgets his promise to Marty. and Skeeter Bronson is only the architect of his hotel. The managing director is the arrogant Kendall, who is engaged to Barry’s shallow daughter, Violet Nottingham. When Webster Elementary School, of which Wendy is the principal, closes for demolition, he must travel to Arizona for a job interview.

Wendy asks her friend Jill, who is a teacher at the same school, to watch her son Patrick and daughter Bobbi during the day and Skeeter to watch them at night. Skeeter meets the estranged children with his best friend Mickey and creates bedtime stories to help them fall asleep, but the children add details to the stories, changing their ending. Skeeter soon realizes that the plot is coming true and it is affecting his life. Meanwhile, Barry Nottingham decides to trade Skeeter to challenge for the position of manager of his new hotel with Kendall as in one of his stories. But Skeeter told his nephew and niece that the stories didn’t have a happy ending.

Robin Hood

Rating: 4.1/5

Prince John (Sir Peter Ustinov), an immature lion, rules England as a tyrannical and ruthless regent for his crusader brother, King Richard the Lionheart (Sir Peter Ustinov). Robin Hood (Brian Bedford), Little John (Phil Harris) and Friar Tuck (Andy Devine) cleverly rebel against excessive taxation and the general oppression of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Pat Buttram) and other members of the royal family. Robin wins the heart of royal wing Marianne (Monica Evans). Tactics fail to catch Robin, Prince John hosts an archery tournament that the best archer in the land simply can’t resist.

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