Top 3 Netflix Anime Sci-Fi Shows To Watch In January 2022

While many other streaming services have launched over the past few years, the one area where (apart from niche sites like Crunchyroll) Netflix has remained king of culture is its anime selection.

Not only does Netflix have a strong selection of pre-existing anime, it actually pumped serious money to buy the streaming rights to brand new anime, some of which are exclusive to the service.

And in his anime selection, provided you know the secret code, which is 2729, you can access all of his science fiction anime contents. It’s great if you’re into that subgenre because it only shows you that content and nothing else.

T3 is a big fan of sci-fi anime, and here we’ve picked out three great shows that we think are worth watching right now on Netflix.

AICO Embodiment

Aico Incarnation Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

A show that, like so many sci-fi anime of the past 20 years, is clearly influenced by Neon Genesis Evangelion, AICO Incarnation is set in a near-dystopian sci-fi future where a research project to create a biological organism equipped with artificial intelligence has gone wrong.

The rogue body led to a quarantine zone and, naturally, a task force to investigate what was wrong and put things right. Naturally, the team is partly made up of teenagers who are still in school (of course!), with main protagonist Aiko Tachibana having to dig into her grief-filled past over the course of the show.

Highlights of the show include its animation and action sequences. The action portions of the show feel like a video game, with the team usually having to take out a group of enemies and solve some sort of puzzle to progress in their quest.

The story isn’t super original but the main characters are, overall, well written and the package is well worth a try if sci-fi is your bag.


Levius Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sci-fi meets boxing in Levius, with the protagonist Levius a contestant in “Metalboxing”, which is boxing but with the fighters augmented with robotic (metal) parts.

Levius himself, for example, fights with an augmented right arm for reasons we won’t go into here for spoiler reasons.

Obviously, for a show all about boxing, it’s the Metalboxing that’s the real star of the show here, with some really smashing action sequences. There are great adrenaline-inducing fights that will appeal to action junkies.

Naturally, it’s not just about boxing, with a larger storyline set in war and politics, but being frank, you watch this to see Levius take on the challenges of life and the ring.

A sleek action sci-fi anime that’s really easy to pick up and put down as and when you’re in the mood.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion Netflix

(Image credit: Gainax)

Yes, we know it’s basically the king of all sci-fi anime shows, and its brilliance is well documented, but that definitely doesn’t mean it should be left out of this list.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is our classic sci-fi anime pick here, with the original ’90s showing the vehicle where mecha-destopian melodrama is at its best. We won’t go into a synopsis as it can be easily found online, but if the idea of ​​teenagers piloting gigantic mechanical humanoids to battle a number of increasingly menacing monsters appeals, then this show will be like Christmas had come early.

It’s a pressure cooker spectacle, however, with incredibly intense (even now) action sequences interspersed with plenty of talk, both technical and emotional. Long periods of heightened tension are then usually interrupted by moments of extreme violence, all set against a dystopian sci-fi backdrop.

If you haven’t watched it, watch it. If you’ve already watched it, watch it again.

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