Top 10 animated series like Re: Zero


If you’ve seen Re: Zero, you’ll know it’s a tale of Subaru Natsuki, who is unexpectedly transported to a fantasy realm. He is killed shortly after arriving while attempting to help Emilia, a teenage half-elf he befriends and who is a candidate for the next monarch of the kingdom of Lugunica, only to be resurrected within hours more. late.

Subaru discovers that he has the possibility of reconverting himself after death, after having died several times. Perhaps because they defy reality, these fascinating thoughts grabbed viewers. Check out a few more anime series related to sci-fi, immortality, and transport to another realm.

10 best anime shows similar to Re: Zero

Here is a list of 10 of the best animated series that you will enjoy as much as Re: Zero.

1. Grimgar Of The Fantasy And Ash (1 season)

The story begins with a troop of inexperienced adventurers fighting goblins in the woods. This group of foreigners have no choice but to accept the only paid profession in this gaming environment – that of a Reserve Army soldier – and remove anything that undermines the peace in their new home. world, Grimgar.

However, there is one condition: they cannot be reborn. Once you are dead, you are dead forever. This is a 12-episode miniseries that you will enjoy browsing, despite the fact that the concept is diametrically opposed to Re: Zero.

2. No game, no life (1 season)

Another mini-series to binge watch is definitely No Game, No Life. The story depicts a group of human gamers attempting to steal the throne of the gaming god by defeating it during a series of board games. Two siblings have earned the nickname “Mysterious Virgin Player” because they never fill in their names.

Virgo players are considered the best players in the universe because they have never lost in any tournament. When siblings receive a strange email, they are transferred to another domain. There will be no wars, no theft and no violence, according to the God of this world. Instead, everything will be decided by one game, any game.

3. DOOR (2 seasons)

In the heart of Tokyo, a strange gate opens, connecting to a medieval fantasy land. The citizens of the city are attacked by a slew of bizarre monsters. Youji Itami of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces defends people from an unknown entity attacking from the other side of the gate.

4. Akame Ga Kill (1 season)

Tatsumi, a young villager, travels to the imperial capital to raise funds for his city. After his arrival, he realizes that the neighborhood is rife with corruption. Night Raid, an antagonistic squad, recruits him to attack the Empire and end injustice.

Tatsumi joins Night Raid alongside self-proclaimed “genius sniper” Mine, kind-hearted Sheele, who can become a cold-blooded assassin when it comes to achieving his goal of eradicating the “garbage from”. society ”, and Night Raid boss Najenda, who spent so many years in the service of the Empire before joining Night Raid.

5. Sword Art Online (4 seasons)

This animated series involves a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in virtual reality that will be released in 2022 and bears the same name as the series (abbreviated SAO). When wearing a Nerve Gear helmet, players can control their in-game characters with their imaginations.

When participants realize that they can’t log out of SAO someday, they learn from the game developer that they must fight the final boss. However, if a player’s avatar dies in the game, their body dies in the real world as well.

6. When they cry (3 seasons)

The story revolves around a group of young people who live in a fictional village in 1983 and the strange events that occur there. Keiichi Maebara is a newcomer to Himanizawa, where he immediately befriends Rena Ryuugu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou and Rika Furude, among others.

As the city prepares for the annual festival, Keiichi discovers that the celebration is linked to multiple murders. They must now unravel the secrets.

7. The Rising Of The Shield Hero (1 season)

A man with only a shield is selected to be one of the world’s greatest defenders, but after a brutal betrayal disintegrates his reputation, he fights evil alongside a few committed companions to win back the public’s faith.

8. Deleted (1 season)

The show revolves around Satoru Fujinuma, a young man from Chiba who has the “Revival” power, which allows him to time travel moments before a life-threatening event and prevent it from happening again.

When his mother is murdered in her own home by an unknown assailant, Satoru’s power takes him eighteen years into the past, giving him the chance not only to protect his mother, but also to stop the kidnapping of three of them. his childhood friends.

9. Orange (1 season)

Naho Takamiya one day receives a letter from herself 10 years later. As Naho continues to read, the letter details the events of the day, including the addition of the new student called Kakeru Naruse to his class.

The Naho of 10 years later constantly expresses that she has a lot of remorse. And that she wants to make amends by making sure that the Naho of the past can make the best possible decisions, especially when it comes to Kakeru. Most upsetting is that she learns that Kakeru will not be with them in ten years. The future Naho asks him to watch over him closely.

10. KonoSuba (3 seasons)

Kazuma had a wonderful day until the moment of his death. A goddess steps in and grants her a second chance in a mystical realm. Luckily, he chose Aqua, the most useless of the group. The animated series is quite interesting because he does not know anything about this kingdom.

It was a list of anime series that you might like to watch if you liked Re: Zero. Also, if you have any anime recommendations, please leave them in the comments box below.

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