Tokyo Mew Mew New Anime Shows Glaring Early Weakness

Tokyo Mew Mew New seems to have lost its footing in today’s competitive anime industry as the series slips into pacing errors.

Reboots, regardless of ownership or medium, are difficult to achieve. Audiences set certain expectations and attach nostalgic emotions to the original idea that always raise doubts when remakes are announced. Also, viewers almost always subconsciously compare the remake to the original. It’s a random situation, but the goal should be to improvise the original experience. For instance, Fruit basket seems to be the only remake of the last decade that has gained even more popularity than the original anime. The same cannot be said for other shows, especially the controversial TOkyo Mew Mew New.

Unfortunately, the remake failed miserably to capture the popularity of the most beloved magical girl anime of all time. Tokyo Mew Mew New could have been a golden opportunity to put the franchise back in the limelight. With the main focus on improving dated visuals, the show would have been a competition for other popular reboots, like Fruit basket and Sailor Moon Crystal. However, cracks in the foundation started to appear from Episode 1. The biggest flaw of Tokyo Mew Mew New is the terrible pace. There’s no direction for the reboot, and it looks like the show was put together incorrectly. There is no accumulation, no anticipation and certainly no excitement for what is to come.

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The Mews finally look like high school kids, but no sparkly transformation or better visuals could make up for the lack of story and pacing. The production team could have – and perhaps should have – stuck to the source material and explored it in a mature way, or took a fresh approach. The show simply took a huge chunk from the original Tokyo Mew Mew and modified it lazily.

Despite four episodes currently out and the fifth on the way, the Tokyo Mew Mew NewRhythm is everywhere. It’s going so fast that the whole team is already introduced and familiarized, and no mew seems to question what’s happening to them. Character development is at its worst, with most characters fading into the background.

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What could have been a better approach to deeply exploring each girl’s personality and what sets them apart. The show could have focused on how the girls deal with their newfound powers while going about their regular lives. This aspect only seems to focus on Ichigo. The rest of the gang only interacts at the cafe. Frankly, the show could have been a great standalone series for Ichigo. There’s little chemistry between the girls, and even the budding romance between the two leads seems to have taken a break. It’s been a siesta party so far, and audiences can only hope that the rest of the season will offer some saving grace to the reboot.

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