To Every You/To Me Anime Films Release Special Song PVs

The next two animated films, To everyone I’ve loved before and To me, the one who loved youwhich are both based on the sci-fi romance novels by Yomoji Otono, have released special PVs to showcase their insert songs for the first time.

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In addition to the theme song “Kumo wo Kou,” singer-songwriter Keina Suda also sings “Rakka Ryūsu” (mutual love), the insert song for To everyone I’ve loved before. He says, “As the four-character idiom in the song’s title suggests, it expresses how they are drawn to each other. In the film, the song is used in a beautiful scene where the relationship density increases. I’d be glad if you can enjoy the song as you wish. It’s also been confirmed that he also made a cameo appearance in the movie.

“Rakka Ryūsu” Special VP:

Keina Suda:

Meanwhile, in addition to the theme song “Shion”, three-member Japanese rock group saucy dog also provides “Dream of a Summer Day”, the insert song for To me, the one who loved you. The singer/guitarist of the group Shinya Ishihara said, “I wrote this song with a sense of speed and summer in mind. I think this song is also related to the theme song. Please listen to it at the theater while remembering this summer.” Like Keina Suda, Ishihara made an appearance in the film.

“Dream of a Summer Day” Special VP:

Sassy Dog:

Both films are set to release simultaneously in Japan on October 7, 2022.

Main poster visual:

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Source: Toei Eiga Channel 1, 2

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