This Tech Brand’s Animated Series Made Me Return My Weeb Badge

Adata’s subsidiary brand, XPG, has just released an anime series titled Xtreme Saga featuring its ambassador Mera, a red-haired fireball with a heart of gold. And while her kawaii appearance really melts me, there seems to be an ulterior motive here. There’s something web3-shaped lurking beneath that adorable facade.

XPG’s area of ​​expertise lies in PC components. It manufactures RAM, fans and power supplies, as well as pre-built peripherals and systems. Why the company decided to go into “transmedia” storytelling is completely beyond me, but I thought I’d give it a shot. How bad could that be?

XPG knows its technology, right? So, a sci-fi anime from the same company must have some truly disruptive ideologies of the simulacrum. There are sure to be tech-fueled philosophical gems destined to propel us into the next era of animated entertainment.


From what I can tell, Xtreme Saga is an anime centered around themes of hope, justice, leadership, and empathy, but its execution is so far from reality that I’m seriously on the point to return my web badge. It’s like an AI-generated approximation of what an anime should look like, and I’m not convinced it’s even finished.

Despite my colleagues’ concern for my sanity, I managed to get through the first 10 minutes of Xtreme Saga, and I’m already convinced that watching the widely hated EX-ARM anime would be a better way to spend my after- midday.

This is not an anime for intellectuals like you and me.

Let’s just say it’s not God Eater, and leave it at that, but that’s just my take on the art style.

The pseudo-philosophy spouting out here hurts my heart, but this is no anime for intellectuals like you and me. It’s a gateway for the impressionable to something much less stable than a simple anime obsession.

Screenshots from XPG's new anime series, Xtreme Saga.

(Image credit: XPG)

What strikes me the most is that such a superficial anime concept doesn’t seem to align with “XPG’s core mission statement of delivering better experiences. (opens in a new tab)And a quick look at the site reveals that it’s not about stepping into the world of CGI anime at all to express a poignant philosophy. It never was.

It is sell NFTs (opens in a new tab)of course.

“There are several types of Xtreme Saga merchandise,” the press release notes. “Xtreme Saga NFTs, plans a serialized version of the story in text, and in the future XPG even hopes to produce an animated feature.”

Please God, no.

“XPG has stated that Xtreme Saga is expected to last for years and hopefully will gain popularity to the point where it can produce more content faster in the near future.”

The company talks about the “Xtreme universe”, with XPG admitting that it’s “finding the layout of the metaverse”. The site even invites you to “Activate your gaming instinct, become a [Xtreme Saga Fan Club] NFT Collector, and enter a new realm with us, Game to The Xtreme!”

Well, it looks like Mera’s heart isn’t necessarily gold. But he is hit.

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