The two-part animated films of Seven Deadly Sins will introduce us to… a horrible CGI?

This animated film spin-off / sequel to The seven deadly sins the anime is supposed to introduce us to Meliodas’ son: Tristan. Unfortunately, while it’s doing that, it’s also presenting us with something unwanted – bad CGI. Do not believe me ? Then watch the Netflix trailer for yourself and cringe in horror:

The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge ~ Details

Why does a 2022 animated film seemingly use a CGI that appears to be over ten years old?

Netflix officially announced The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge with the Trailer above as part of Netflix Festival Japan 2021. It will be a 2-part animated film series that will take place long after the events of The seven deadly sins anime proper. Specifically, this animated film series will feature the main character’s son Meliodas: Tristan in a spin-off / sequel to the main series. The first part of this animated film series will debut in 2022, but only on Netflix. If you want to watch this, you’ll have to fork over some cash for a Netflix subscription.

But honestly, based on the animation quality of The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge, Why would you want to?

CGI’s deadly sin?

I mean, look at him ! It’s like watching a CGI anime that’s almost 20 years old!

Honestly, if Netflix wanted to create the hype for The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge, it does not work. It’s bad enough that they’ve gone from the gorgeous hand-drawn animation of the original anime in the first place. It already earns you negative points with people who like it. But then to show that horrible CGI? It’s madness, I tell you! What were they thinking? Why did they think people would love this CGI animation that looks like it came out of the early 2000s?

Frankly it’s hard to see The Seven Deadly Sins: Edinburgh’s Grudge see any kind of success here. There’s no way they’ll drastically change the animation style now that they’ve shown the trailer for the animated film. I guess even though it has a great story, the bad animation is going to ruin it and keep it from getting critical acclaim. This is only speculation for now though. Take it with as many grains of salt as you want.

Source: Netflix Anime YouTube

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