The best anime shows streaming right now


Jujutsu kaisen

1 season, 24 episodes | IMDb: 8.7 / 10

Anime and manga are two of the best containers for telling supernatural stories (I mean, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Noragami …) and Jujutsu kaisen proves it again. The series follows high school student Yuji Itadori as he attempts to kill Ryomen Sukuna, a powerful curse harbored in his body, and despite first airing just a few months ago, the anime has grown into one of the most popular. You might have even seen him mentioned alongside Megan Thee Stallion not too long ago. Jujutsu kaisenThe story of s is only just beginning, and it is not too late to start watching and following the whole journey.
Flux Jujutsu kaisen to HBO Max now.
Studio spirit

The attack of the Titans

4 seasons, 85 episodes | IMDb: 8.9 / 10

If you have seen The attack of the Titans A lot thrown in lately, that’s because the decade spanning the manga series has finally come to an end. The show, however, has one more season, which will likely air early next year. This makes right now the perfect time to turn the series dark and compelling, and make sure you’re ready to join the rest of the world when Eren’s journey finally comes to an end. Be warned, this show is incredibly brutal and even darker.

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