The 10 Wholesome Anime Shows and Movies

Animated can tell many stories. Action-packed shonen like naruto and The attack of the Titansto classic isekai like No game no life and Sword Art Online, there are times when you just want to sit back and watch something wholesome without the convoluted plot. Whether you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh or have you grabbing the nearest box of tissues, there are anime out there that will do the trick.

Here are the top 10 healthiest anime series and movies to watch.

ten. K-on

K-on is an anime about five friends who are together in a high school band. Each of them has different quirks, personalities, and musical experiences, but all work together to create wonderful, fun music. The anime had two seasons and a movie, showing these girls’ journeys as musicians, friends, and high school students.

9. The daily life of high school students

If you want to watch something without commitment, this anime is for you. The daily life of high school students is about three schoolboy friends and their relationships with family and peers. Each episode consists of different interactions without any sequel. It’s easy to consume, you will laugh and sometimes cry watching these boys go through their daily lives.

8. grow old with you

grow old with you is an anime film that mixes the Japanese supernatural with a modern setting. The film follows Hodaka Morishima as he befriends Hina Amano, a girl who can control the weather, and her younger brother Nagisa. The characters take advantage of Amano’s abilities as they survive by living in the town without their parents. The film is not only wholesome, but will also make you want to root for these characters.

7. Special A

Special A is an anime about the top seven students of a prestigious school. The main protagonist, Hikari Hanazono, is ranked second and comes from a working-class background, while the rest of her peers are from a wealthy background. The anime is filled with competition, a bit of romance, and family secrets that slowly unfold throughout the series.

6. Fruit basket

One of the most poignant shows on this list, Fruit basket follows orphan Tohru Honda as she learns the family secrets of the Sohma household. The anime shows each member’s different personalities, as well as their struggles. But at the same time, you witness Tohru’s journey to live her life without her family as she relies on her friends for support. Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma’s plight is absolutely heartwarming, you’ll need a box of tissues handy for this one.

5. your name

The story of two characters forced to accept their situation,your name was the most talked about animated film of 2016. With its cinematography and plot, it will keep viewers hooked until the very end. The anime follows two teenagers, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu. The two experience each other’s daily life after being dissatisfied with their own. It’s clean terrible friday story with a satisfying payoff.

4. Way of the stay-at-home husband

Way of the stay-at-home husband attempts to reinvent the image of the Yakuza. They are now portrayed as ordinary people rather than mafia-equivalent dangerous men. The anime is comedic with minor scenes of violence. And with a live-action film adaptation already announced, now is the best time to start investing.

3. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club is a comedy about Haruhi Fujioka, who is forced into a life of indentured servitude at a host club after accidentally breaking an expensive vase. Throughout her time at the host club, she not only becomes friends with her fellow hosts, but also learns more about their lives and why they chose to join the club. It’s an anime worth watching.

2. Whisper of the heart

A story of intertwined love stories, Whisper of the heart follows a high school girl, Shizuku Tsukishima. Shizuku’s creativity is inspired by Seiji, a musician. If you liked movies like Taken away as if by magic and Ponyothen you will love it Whisper of the heart. It’s a coming-of-age story filled with comedy, a bit of drama, and a bit of romance. John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” also plays a small role in the film as it is played in different parts, but with some lyrics changed.

1. Komi can’t communicate

Komi can’t communicatee is the latest anime to watch if you are looking for something wholesome. It follows Komi Shouko, a girl with a communication disorder, as she tries to make 100 friends at her school. Helping him is Tadano Hitohito, a normal average guy. As they navigate their school filled with people with unique quirks and personalities, Tadano learns the full extent of Komi’s inability to communicate and socialize with other teenagers. You can watch the first season on Netflix before the second season is released.

Normally, anime is a great genre to engage in when you want to relax and tap into your supernatural storytelling side. But if you’re looking for something a little more esoteric, think of anime more as a medium than a genre. There’s an anime for everyone, it all depends on where you watch. Whether you want something serialized or episodic, something to laugh or cry about, or just something simple and easy to follow, you should consider giving these anime a watch.

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