RWBY Ice Queendom Anime Shows Side By Side For Legendary Scene

Looks good in both versions, honestly.

When a series is remade, fans instantly wonder how it will be different from the original version. You can watch The last of us part 1 for a great example of this. The Naughty Dog team had to overhaul the entire game from PS3 to PS5 to make sure they could justify a remake for a title less than ten years old. Rooster Teeth released a remake in the form of RWBY Ice Queen. It’s a full anime take on the classic franchise that’s been around for a while now, and has been a hit among fans.

The thing about RWBY Ice Queen is that it tells the opening stories of Team RWBY in anime form before venturing into an original tale. The anime just finished its Japanese run and just started its English dub run, so we won’t spoil anything. But, the official Twitter account of RWBY dropped something pretty fun – a side-by-side comparison of the pilot episode’s fight scene in its 3D form and its 2D anime form.

It’s a fascinating look at how the two versions hold together. The OG version is from 2013, when Rooster Teeth wasn’t as massive as it is today. Their 3D style was a bit crude, but it shined in the most important ways, including the smoothness of the character animations. But when you look at the 2D anime style, you’ll notice several additions to further flesh out the scene.

For example, after the thief admits to stealing Ruby Rose, the 2D animated version shows Ruby doing more attacks on the thief, while the original 3D version had a bit of a lull in the action. This was no doubt due to time and budget constraints. The original episodes of RWBY were sometimes only a few minutes long and it wasn’t until later seasons that they regularly made episodes longer than 15 minutes.

You can also say that in the 2D anime form, all sorts of extra details and flourishes have been added to make the scene even brighter. It’s one of the reasons why fans are so happy with RWBY Ice Queendom, and with the English dub, all of the original voice actors except the late actor/creator Monty Oum will return, so there are even more connections for fans.

It’s really a marvel to see how far RWBY came over the years. It has gone from being a niche show to headlining New York Comic-Con and fans are eagerly awaiting the ninth season of the main show. For now, however, this animated adventure will suffice.

Source: Twitter

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