RE: Anime Films releases live-action JU JUTSU KAISEN with Asian American cast

RE: Anime Films presented its live adaptation of “Jujutsu Kaisen”. Julie Zhan (HBO Visionaries, Zoetic) and Hana Wu (Five-Cent Life) portray the iconic characters from the anime in the short film.

The project adapts one of the most popular fight scenes from the series between Maki Zenin (Hana Wu) and Kasumi Miwa (Julie Zhan). “This scene was chosen because we wanted to meet the challenge of adapting the choreography and combat atmosphere of the original animation while remaining true to the intent of the original,” said director Nik Shaw, founder of RE: Anime Films.

“Hollywood is adapting more anime content, but none of it seems to stay true to the source. My main focus is to use our team’s love, expertise, and in-depth anime knowledge to create content that stays true to the visions and stories of the original creators. “

Shaw isn’t alone in his vision for authentic live-action animated films, as the production line reaches nearly one million subscribers. With each release of RE: Anime aimed at making a positive impact on Hollywood’s anime adaptations, fans are especially excited about the reaction this new film will bring.

RE: Anime has captured over 84 million views in total with refreshing and precise shots on various manga and anime shows like “One Punch Man”, “Naruto”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and more .

RE: Anime is a production company engaged in the development of Japanese anime and manga into authentic live-action movies and series. Found under Nik Shaw in 2017, Re: Anime’s productions have gained over 50 million views. Born out of a collective passion to change the misrepresentation and culture of anime in Hollywood, the company provides opportunities for Asian American actors as well as respect for the creative direction of anime. Live-action adaptations of RE: Anime include “One Punch Man”, “Naruto”, “Batman Beyond”, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “Tokyo Ghoul” and more. To find out more visit,

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