Original Pokemon Anime Series Characters Who Never Returned

There have been a ton of notable characters introduced throughout the Pokemon animated series, even during its first two arcs. Although some of these characters are anime counterparts of characters that first appeared in the games, many are anime-exclusive and don’t usually appear in any other media.

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Although a handful of these characters seemed to end up meeting Ash Ketchum and his friends again at some point in the future, aside from some appearing in flashbacks in later seasons, many were never seen again after their debut. initials, no matter their origins or significance to Ash’s journey to becoming a Pokemon Master.


10/10 A J

pokemon anime aj and sandshrew

AJ was known for using various physical equipment to train his Pokemon and being the leader of an unofficial Gym. While AJ didn’t try to mistreat his Pokémon and had different training methods, for Ash it seemed he treated them too roughly.

It turned out that AJ took care of his Pokémon, going so far as to cook specialized food for them, but that could be hard to see for an inexperienced trainer like Ash, who had just seen a lot of training equipment. unnecessary. Despite leaving to defeat Gyms all over Kanto, AJ is never seen again after the second opening, possibly because his face looked too much like Ash’s.

9/10 Victor

pokemon anime winner

Victor was a surfer who lived in the Seafoam Islands with his unique and Older Pikachu Puka, apparently one of the first dubbed Pokémon in the entire animated series and the second Pikachu to be seen under someone’s ownership. Victor’s goal was to ride Humungadunga, a giant wave that Victor Jan’s idol had surfed four decades before, which he achieved in the episode.

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Victor’s Pikachu Puka could sense when the waves were coming in, which helped detect Humungadunga. Victor was said to have found Puka floating on a piece of driftwood, so it’s surprising that these characters haven’t reappeared in the Alola region, with Puka evolving into Alolan Raichu due to his similarities.

8/10 The Eevee brothers

The Eevee brothers with their respective Eevee and Eeveelutions in the Pokemon anime

The four brothers, Sparky, Rainer, Pyro, and Mikey, were all Eevee trainers, each in addition to Mikey specializing in training one of its evolved forms with matching hair to their respective Pokémon. In their first episode, Mikey becomes the group’s Eevee trainer, deciding not to evolve his Pokémon.

They are never seen again, despite the fact that several of Ash’s rivals and companions have their own Eevee. Chloe’s Eevee in Pokemon Journeys is unable to evolve for an unknown reason, despite being tested at the Eevee Evolution Lab, a place that would seem perfect for the Eevee Brothers to reappear as Researchers.

7/10 teacher ivy

pokemon anime professor ivy and GS ball

Professor Ivy, a teacher in the Orange Islands, never returned after the arc she debuted in, despite being a renowned Pokemon researcher. Professor Ivy gave Ash the GS Ball, a mysterious Pokeball that could not be opened or carried directly and had to contain Celebi.

During Ash’s adventures in the Orange Isles, Brock decided to be his assistant but was found in Pallet Town by Ash and Misty after they returned, having a negative reaction if mentioned. Since the GS Ball storyline was finally scrapped in favor of the Fourth Pokemon Movie starring Celebi instead, it makes sense that Professor Ivy never returned.

6/10 Damian

pokemon anime damien

Damian was Charmander’s original trainer, who never returned after deeming him weak and leaving him to die. After Ash, Misty, and Brock save Charmander from certain death, he defeats Team Rocket, with Damian returning after hearing the news, lying that his mistreatment of Charmander was to strengthen him, but he decided to be with Ash instead.

RELATED: The best evolution moments in the Pokemon animeWhile Damian himself never returned after his first episode, Ash’s rival Paul had a similar expanded arc with Chimchar, with Paul recognizing his strength and developing his character after joining Ash and fully evolving. In the alternate universe movie pokemon i choose youDamian is replaced by Cross, another character who evolves over time.

5/10 Bruno

pokemon anime bruno

Unlike Lance and Agatha, who each appeared much later, Kanto and Johto Elite Four Member Bruno only appeared once in the original series. Bruno saved Ash, Misty, and Brock from a rampaging giant Onix which he then caught after releasing a Sandslash from between its rocks.

Bruno disguised his daily chores as “training” for Ash and Brock, but later told them the truth, having no secret techniques but claiming that the secret to training Pokemon is to take care of one of them. ‘other. Despite several trips back and forth to Kanto by Ash and his companions, Bruno was never seen again, which is a shame because his character deserved a little more depth.

4/10 Lorelei/Prima

pokemon anime lorelei

While in the games Lorelei is a member of Kanto’s Elite Four, in the anime’s English dub she is instead a Pokemon Master named Prima. (Although later mentioned as an Elite Four member by Misty.) Met by the group when they arrived at Mandarin Island South, it was revealed that she was Misty’s idol and would hold a conference and a combat demonstration.

After the demonstration, she battled and defeated Ash, but said he had potential and needed to connect more with his Pokémon after seeing his disobedient Charizard. Prima never appeared after her first episode, but it would have been interesting to see a student-mentor relationship develop between her and Misty.

3/10 sabrina

pokemon anime sabrina and haunter

Based on the Saffron City gym leader of the same name, the animated version of Sabrina became so obsessed with honing her exceptional psychic abilities that she split into two personalities, a younger one represented by the doll that she was holding and her older adult self.

RELATED: The best battles in the Pokemon animeWhen the Haunter Ash met at Pokemon Tower appeared in his second match against Sabrina, he started goofing around instead of fighting, which made Sabrina laugh and her two personalities merge. While Haunter stayed with Sabrina, Ash eventually caught an unrelated Gengar in Pokemon Journeys, and despite returning to Saffron City several times, Sabrina never reappeared.

2/10 Lieutenant Surge

pokemon anime lt.  surge

Based on the Vermillion City Gym Leader from the first generation games, the animated version of Lt. Surge provided Ash with his first real Gym battle as well as his first Gym defeat and served as a character that greatly affected Ash’s growth and Pikachu, with their first example of uncertainty about whether Pikachu should evolve.

Although Lieutenant Surge himself never appeared again, Ash did return to Vermillion City Gym in Pokemon Journeys. This is where replacement gym manager Visquez tells Ash that Lt. Surge has embarked on a journey to improve himself as an Electric-type Pokémon trainer, showing off a redesign more similar in appearance to his in-game counterpart. video alongside his Raichu.

1/10 Anthony

pokemon anime anthony and primeape

Anthony isn’t that memorable of a character by looks alone, but how he affects Ash’s team back in the day is significant. In his first episode, Anthony neglected his wife and daughter and trained his Hitmonchan for the P1 Grand Prix, a tournament that pits Brock’s Fighting and Geodude-type Pokemon against each other.

Ash’s Primeape won the P1 Grand Prix after beating Jesse’s Hitmonlee, and Anthony said he could train him to be a true P1 champion, so Ash left him with him. Although he returned to Celadon City several times, Ash never returned for Primeape, so Anthony never reappeared. At least Primeape had a few cameos alongside the other Pokemon Ash captured.

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