One of the Best Lesser Known Anime Shows You Should Watch

The webcomic site known as Webtoon hosts hundreds of wonderful stories that might fly under the radar of people who have never heard of the site. The new and popular Netflix show, Heart stroke, originated from a comic and can be found on Webtoon, but it’s not the only comic on the site that has had an adaptation. Crunchyroll took several Korean comics and started turning them into anime series, and tower of god is no exception.

While adaptations aren’t new to the entertainment industry, even unofficial comic book adaptations tend not to pop up as often. It might not look like it since new Marvel and DC movies keep hitting the market every year, but many webcomics are so whimsical in their fantastical settings that bringing them to life would be nearly impossible. . This is why most comics are considered anime, and why they go largely unnoticed in the west, where anime is quite popular but almost as popular in the east. Consider watching Webtoon to start reading the stories you’ve been missing, and don’t forget to check tower of god and see for yourself why it and its excellent anime series are so popular.


Tower of God: Comic Book Origins and Where It Is Today

tower of god began publication in 2010, and its official English translation began publishing and catching up in 2014. This means the comic has seen ten years of content before the comic book adaptation in 2020, beginning the long journey to make all those pages of the comics come to life. The main character, Twenty-Fifth Baam, more commonly referred to as simply Baam, is a stranger who opens the titular Tower of God in pursuit of the only person he remembers in his life, Rachel. He is drawn into a fantasy world filled with tests and people trying to kill him as he continues to try to climb the tower to find her, forced to quickly learn the ins and outs of the tower and its politics. he has a chance to survive. . Fortunately, he has a knack for making friends who are willing to help him along the way.

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The author, SIU, has been writing and drawing the comic since it was originally published, only taking a few hiatuses recently for health reasons, but always promising to return to do more content, and so far he’s kept everything. his promises. With currently three separate ‘seasons’ that SIU has put together, there are over 500 episodes in the webtoon comic that are slowly but surely piecing together history, with more on the way. Follow Baam’s humble beginnings where he learns the rules of the tower and stick around for the death-defying tests and fancy weapons and powers that everyone seems to have in the tower.

Tower of God’s first season is a faithful adaptation

The anime’s first season follows the entire story arc of the comic’s first season. That’s 79 of the comic’s over 500 available episodes, packed into 13 episodes of the tower of god animated. In this season we are introduced to the tower and the different concepts that we need to know in order to be able to follow the rest of the story. If you’ve just been introduced to the show, whether you’re reading the comic for the first time or watching the show, you’ll be asking yourself the same questions as Baam. You won’t know what shinsu is or understand why rankings are so important, so you’ll learn alongside it. It helps you introduce yourself to the world in a quiet, confined environment before the real story begins.

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This season is also one of the longest tests in the comics, as it shows us how they eliminate many people before they really start climbing the tower, and it introduces many important characters that we will continue to see again and again. There isn’t a single character missing that we meet in the first season comics, nor are we missing a single step in this test, showing us everything from the first encounter between Baam, Khun, and Rak, to the special event crown game, even to the tough final tests of this floor and whoever makes it out alive. All of this just shortens some of the explanations we get to make the plot more consistent in the anime and to fit it into a single season.

Still on the lookout for Tower of God Season 2

Even though the show was released in the spring of 2020, there has been no word on a season two. It has been reported that season two is in the works, but the latest official news we have is still from 2020. Although there is no official confirmation on a second season, and there is no There’s no information on when we might even be expecting one, there’s no official cancellation either. The writers could still work hard to write the second season. This wouldn’t be the first time an anime has taken a few years off between seasons.

What we can expect from season two, if it happens, is not only to deepen the story, but to learn more about the politics that governs the tower. In the comic’s second season, new and familiar faces will team up as they make their way through the tower, clashing with the FUG gang, a kind of resistance that doesn’t care who they fight if they get in the way. across their path. With 337 episodes in the comic’s second season, a significantly larger number than the first season, it’s likely the show will break up the story into several seasons to be sure to get all the details. If they don’t, well, you should expect a long season ahead. For now, all we can do is wait and hope to hear something soon.

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