One of the best animated films of last year is $ 15 on Amazon today


What if a person had the ability to control the weather? This is the premise of Weathering with You, an animated film about a young girl who wields the strange power and uses it to her advantage. Directed by Makoto Shinkai (best known for Your Name in 2017), Weathering with You is a beautiful story that takes surprising turns and leaves you with an ending you won’t soon forget. If you missed it when it comes to theaters in January 2020, today is a great day to hang it on Blu-ray, as Amazon currently has. Weathering with You on sale for just over $ 15, down from its list price of $ 30. To get the full discount click to apply coupon on listing and you will save an extra $ 2.68 at checkout. It’s the cheapest we’ve seen Weathering with You’s Blu-ray since its release.

Those who liked your name will find a lot to like about Weathering with You, which has a similar feel and, yes, will probably make you cry. Like Your Name, it begins with meeting a boy and a girl from different backgrounds: Hodaka, a runaway from a troubled home, and Hina, an orphan who is known as the “Sun Girl” because of its weather control powers. After the two become friends, they decide to start a business where people can hire Hina to clear the skies and ensure sunny weather for weddings, parties, and other gatherings. However, the situation starts to get complicated and they realize that wielding power so freely could have dire consequences.

If you’re looking for movie ideas or Valentine’s Day gift options, Weathering with You would be a great movie to curl up to watch with a partner. Amazon also has many other great anime deals today, offering an additional 20% off the price of many anime Blu-rays. your name is actually included in the sale, so you can pick up Makoto Shinkai’s two most popular movies on Blu-ray for just over $ 30. Classics like Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series and Akira are also included. With over nine pages of deals, there’s a lot to offer, and you can check out the full sale on Amazon below.

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