On-Gaku: Our Sound, Ride Your Wave Anime Films nominated for Annie Awards – News


The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, announced the nominees for its 48th edition Annie Prize giving Wednesday. Kenji iwaisawa‘s ON-GAKU: Our Sound and Masaaki yuasa‘s Surf your wave animated films received nominations in the “Best Independent Feature” category. The other nominees in the category are A Shaun the Sheep film: Farmageddon, Calamity Jane, and Wolf walkers.

Surf your wave also received a nomination in the category “Best Direction – Feature Film”.

CG animation Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy: Siege (Masanori Sakakibara) was nominated in the “Best FX – TV / Media” category. BNA: brand new animal (Yusuke Yoshigaki) was nominated in the “Best Character Design” category. Good pretender (Hiro Kaburagi) was nominated in the “Best Direction – TV / Media” category. Earwig and the witch (Goro Miyazaki) received nominations in the “Best Screenplay – Feature Film” and “Best Dubbing” categories. The category “Best dubbing” specifically rewarded the nominee Vanessa marshall for her role as Bella Yaga.

The Annie The awards recognize outstanding achievement in the field of animation. ASIFA-Hollywood added the award for best independent animated feature film to the 2016 awards in order to “recognize not only mainstream feature films, but also independent animators, international studios, anime and special productions that may otherwise not getting the attention they deserve “. Mamoru hosoda‘s Mirai film won the award in 2019.

The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on April 16.

Source: Indie wire (Bill Desowitz)

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