No Animated Film Nominated for 94th Academy Awards – News

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominations for the 94th Academy Awards on Tuesday. Leslie Jordan and Tracee Ellis Ross revealed the nominations during a live presentation. No animated films received nominations in the Animated Feature category. The category nominees are Encanto, Flee, Luca, The Mitchells against the Machines, and Raya and the last dragon.

Japanese live action drive my car The film from director Ryusuke Hamaguchi and producer Teruhisa Yamamoto was nominated for Best Picture, Best International Feature and Best Adapted Screenplay. Hamaguchi was also nominated for Best Director for this film. Hidetoshi Nishijima (live action What did you eat yesterday?) movie stars.

Mamoru Hosoda and Chizu studioit is BEAUTIFUL, Studio 4°Cit is Fortune favors Lady Nikuko, BONEJosée, the tiger and the fishgood science The Laws of the Universe – The Age of the Elohim, TYPEit is Pompo: the cinephileand Studio 4°Cit is Poupelle of Chimney Town were eligible for consideration in this year’s awards.

The 94th annual Academy Awards will take place on March 27.

No animated films received nominations in 2021.

Source: 94th Oscar Nomination Live Stream

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