Ninjala animated series premieres internationally on January 13

Ninjala animated series premieres internationally on January 13

NinjalaThe official 3D animated series will be available to international viewers from January 13, according to the game’s publisher, GungHo Online Entertainment.

Ninjala is a free online battle royale game where players can compete against up to eight players in single or team mode tournaments. Since its release in 2020, Ninjala ventured into other forms of media to show off its unique tradition, such as creating a 2D animated cartoon series, a animated short film, and now a 3D animated series.

NinjalaThe 3D animated series was first mentioned in a developer diary in November 2021, where GungHo Online Entertainment announced that the series would be released in January 2022. For Japanese fans, the series premiered on Saturday January 8th. Tokyo television and featured Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu singing the anime’s opening song, “Maybe Baby”.

However, international fans will have the chance to see the animated series for free on the Play Ninjala Soon the YouTube channel. According to a news article to NinjalaOn the website, the animated series premieres internationally on Jan. 13, and the episodes release Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. PST for one week only. This means you will only have one week to watch the weekly episode before it goes away and next week’s episode drops.

The post also revealed that the show will focus on NinjalaThe eight main characters of: Burton, Berecca, Ron, Van, Emma, ​​Jane, Kappei and Lucy, as well as the cute alien mascot from the game named Gumchi. The show’s premise will first follow researchers Burton, Berecca, and Ron as they successfully developed Ninja-Eraser, “a substance known to enhance the power of the Shinobi that inhabits it and bring it out.” However, characters run into issues when suspicious incidents start to occur regarding the use of Ninja-Gum and otherworldly beings.

Make sure to check NinjalaThe new animated series for free when it releases on January 13e on Youtube. If you’re planning on keeping up with the series, be sure to subscribe to PlayNinjala to make sure you watch the weekly episodes before they go missing.


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