Netflix announces a huge list of animated shows and movies. Here is the full list


Netflix has once again focused on the anime genre. they’ve rolled out one epic anime series after another. Netflix has even managed to create a category of niche Netflix Original animated films. From Devilman Crybaby to Dorohedoro, there is plenty to do for anime lovers young and old. And the streaming giant announced that they were doing just as well during this time. Their next list of shows and movies leans heavily in favor of adding more anime to their library.

From Kaijus to mecha to mecha action and horror, the Netflix Originals Anime roster continues to grow in quantity and quality.

Mobile Suit Gundam hathaway

The crown jewel of the next slate is the new anime Gundam. Entitled Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, the anime will be a continuation of previous arcs in Gundam’s story. After the events of the Char Rebellion, Hathaway Noa now leads a group of skilled insurgents against the power of the Earth Federation. All of that changes when Hathaway meets a mysterious woman and her fate and destiny is altered for the better. The film will soon be complemented by a live-action Gundam Film in development by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Shaman king

Shaman King is a beloved anime that all fans of the genre are familiar with. The principle is quite simple. Mysterious beings called shamans use their powers to defeat each other and become the shaman king. The show is known for its flamboyant action scenes and gripping storyline. The anime will be released on Netflix on August 9. There are great expectations on the shoulders of the show.

Edens Zero

Many have started to compare this anime to the hit shonen anime and manga series – Fairy Tail. But the anime actually falls into a different genre. It belongs to the sci-fi category as opposed to the magical and fantasy genre of Fairy Tail. the characters look alike but it’s a completely different story. The anime will begin airing on Netflix on August 26.


The only thing we know about this anime is that it will fall into the horror genre. Expect lots of scares and scary times for cats. The series has yet to release a trailer. Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano will be part of the project, so expect a lot of great things to come out of this anime adventure.

Brilliant: samurai soul

No premiere date announcements have been made for this film. There is no trailer either. But what we have is a nice image illustrating the style of animation the film would follow. And it looks beautiful. The film will be basically the same as Will Smith’s Bright but will take place in medieval Japan.

Make my day

Netflix has also announced an animated adaptation called Make My Day. At first glance, it will look like the most terrifying tropes of horror classics brought together in one project. The story looks promising:

“On a cold planet of ice and snow, mysterious creatures suddenly appeared from the dark underground and began to attack the inhabitants.”

Godzilla: singular point

Godzilla: Singular Point debuted in Japan earlier this year. It will be arriving in Netflix’s World Library shortly. You can start streaming the animated series based on the monster Kaiju from June 29.

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