Netflix and Studio Colorido sign a new agreement for three animated films

Anime fans – you have new content to look forward to! netflix and Studio Colorido just signed a studio deal and will be working together to release more feature-length anime stories on the streaming service.

This collaboration comes after the successful release of A Whisker Away. The film was released in June 2020 and saw a peculiar girl named Miyo take the help of a mysterious mask and transform into a cat to get closer to her crush Kento.

After At a glance, Netflix and Studio Colorido have three more feature films planned starting with drifting house, premiere on September 16, 2021. One of the other two films will be directed by At a glanceTomotaka Shibayama too and should be launched in 2024.

For the past two years, the streaming service has tried to be the home of anime series and movies for global fans outside of Japan and after revealing that more than half of its global audience has become anime viewers, it looks like Netflix is ​​on the right path.

“Studio Colorido has some of Japan’s top animation creators who have produced best-in-class original animated feature films over the past 10 years. At Netflix, we place great importance on authentic content for our core fans as well as attracting new viewers. This partnership expands our growing catalog of films in Japan and also adds to our collection of more ‘light’ and family-friendly stories,” Netflix’s Director of Japanese Content, Yuji Yamano, said in the announcement.

However, this may just be one of the latest anime projects Netflix has rolled out. The streaming service has seen major changes, including a loss of subscribers, the cancellation of anime projects and plans to crack down on password sharing.

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