Netflix and Legendary Announce Skull Island and Tomb Raider Anime Shows

Netflix and Legendary Announce Skull Island and Tomb Raider Anime Shows

It seems like the Monsterverse is getting bigger by the minute. According to DeadlineNetflix and Legendary Television have reached an agreement for an animated series centered on the mystery of Kong Skull Island at Powerhouse Animation, the company behind Castlevania and Blood of Zeus. Brian Duffield’s upcoming animated series (Submarine) will connect with the events of 2017 Kong: Skull Island. The story will follow the adventures of castaway characters as they attempt to escape the titular island while dealing with prehistoric monsters. Needless to say, the show will also feature the king of the island, Kong himself. The ruler of Skull Island will also return to the screen soon when he takes on the mightiest kaiju in the upcoming godzilla vs. Kong film.

But Skull Island isn’t the only franchise to get an anime expansion. For the first time, Square Enix grave robber also gets an anime adaptation. The series will follow Lara Croft after the events of the video game reboot. Interestingly, Tasha Huo’s anime series (The Witcher: Origin of Blood, Sonja Red) does not appear to be related to the next Tomb Raider 2 live action movie at all. And speaking of the sequel, MGM has yet to set a new official release date for Lara Croft’s next live-action adventure.

Netflix has yet to reveal when the next anime series will hit the streaming service.

What do you think Skull Island and grave robber get animated series? Are you going to give these shows a chance? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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