Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from the animated series Mercury revealed

The Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury title card.

I have no idea what it is but I want it.
Picture: Sunrise

Mobile Suit Gundam has, for the most part, spent the last decade focusing on adaptations at a time fat-screen and small. While series like themed template-kit Construction of Gundam series and adaptations like The origin and Thunder clap have kept the iconic mecha series on TV, his big projects moving the series forward have been filmed, like Gundam: Hathaway. That is to say until now.

This morning Sunrise announced that the first fully New Gundam TV series – as in, an original entry and not adaptive to the sprawling timelines of the saga – since Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans will begin airing in 2022. Title Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury, Where G-Witch in short, the show is targeted as “a work that even the younger generations will support”, according to a statement by Koji Fujiwara, Chief Gundam Officer of Bandai Namco (a title I would like at once).

Aside from the title and the release window, details on the new series are scarce. It is not known, for example, if the series will take place in one of the Gundam‘s several previously established timelines, be it the iconic Universal Century, the timeline of the original series and the majority of franchise successors, movies, manga, novels and games, or one of the other substitutes like Wing of Gundam‘s “After the colony ” setting or Iron Blood Orphans‘”Post-disaster “-or a completely original one. We also don’t know what the series is In regards to, although a fantastic title like Witch of Mercury potentially suggests that the series could focus on a female protagonist, a rarity for Gundam.

The idea of ​​a confined space “Witch” might even draw parallels with one of the most iconic concepts of Gundam beyond its titular mobile suits: the Newtype, a name given to human beings who evolved from living in space colonies during the Universal Century, with latent psychic abilities. The new types – and their artificially developed iterations called Cyber-Newtypes – are a characteristic of the chronology of the universal century in particular, although variations on the concept have been riffed on in other Gundam Equipment. So if The witch of Mercury also wants to play with the concept, it could be very interesting indeed beyond more giant robot astropolitical action.

However, this is all speculation for now – all we know is that Gundam is back on TV in a big way, and we’ll undoubtedly learn more about it as we wait for its 2022 release.

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