How Star Wars: Visions Could Spawn a New Animated Series


Star Wars: Visions is a Disney Plus anime hit, but could there be potential for an entire series based on The Ninth Jedi?

Star Wars: Visions is a new anime anthology on Disney Plus that takes the Star wars universe and tells nine different stories. Some of the best and brightest studios in the anime industry have given viewers new stories that build on the tradition of Star wars, and needless to say it’s a success. One of the stories of Star Wars: Visions, The Ninth Jedi, was produced by Production IG and directed by Kenji Kamiyama. Kamiyama, being for a long time Star wars fan, said in an interview with the Oricon website that there was potential for the continuation of The Ninth Jedi story.

“Although it is as short as around 20 minutes, the content is so rich that I was drawn to the world of work and wanted to see the sequel,” Kamiyama said. Later in the interview, he continued to express his desire to deepen the tradition of The Ninth Jedi and that “when you hear the story now, you’ll want to expect more and more sequels and live-action movies.” But what would such a continuation of his work be? Is there a feature film, or even a series, in the works? The interview gives the impression that this is so.

Star Wars Visions The Ninth Jedi

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The Ninth Jedi takes place many generations after the fall of the Jedi Order and is near extinction. Margrave Juro, the Jedi master who reigns over the planet Hy Izlan, invites seven masterless Jedi to her Air Temple to receive Lightsabers, a weapon that has been lost over time. Ethan, a young Jedi, was the first to receive his lightsaber from Juro’s companion droid, but the other Jedi had to wait until the other six lightsabers were finished. Meanwhile, a saber-smith named Lah Zhima is captured by hunters hired by the Sith on the surface of the planet.

Lah Zhima’s force-sensitive girl, Kara, escapes with the completed lightsabers – with one also made for her – and gives them to the Jedi at the Air Temple. However, the six Jedi along with Ethan are revealed to be Hidden Sith who killed the real Jedi invited by Juro and pretended to be them. Juro, hidden in his fellow droid from the start, joins Ethan and Kara in the battle against the six Sith and defeats all but one – Homen. Homen is a Dark Side corrupted Jedi who then returns to the light. The four join forces to restore the Jedi Order and save Lah Zhima, now a prisoner on a planet ruled by the Sith.

The Sith reveal themselves in Star Wars Visions the Ninth Jedi

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If a series was made that picked up where the end of The Ninth Jedi left out, the possibilities would be staggering. Since Kara is force sensitive, no doubt she would be formed by Juro as her Padawan, which would be a natural fit since, like in the short, she has known him since she was little. Another plot point that would add to the richness of each character’s development would be Homen. Homen was influenced, if only briefly, by the Dark Side, and even if he returned to the Light Side, it would make an intriguing story to have episodes where he deals with his dark side tendencies. Being a young, masterless Jedi, Ethan could be described throughout the series as a mentor to Kara as he understands his need for someone closer to his age to show her the ropes.

The Ninth Jedi is visually stunning, so seeing an intense series of battles unfold with animation as smooth and impressive as that of a high-caliber studio like Production IG at the helm would be a treat for anime and Star Wars fans. Additionally, having a series, or even a feature film, would increase Disney’s popularity with anime fans, and the company would most likely see an increase in Disney Plus subscribers.

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