Hit Anime Series ‘Tiger & Bunny’ Goes Green For Live-Action Adaptation

hit anime series tiger and rabbit is about to receive a live series.

By a Variety report dated June 3 (Fri), a live-action adaptation of the 2011 anime and manga project will be moving forward under SK Global (boobies rich asian) and Bandai Namco Pictures.

A targeted release date — nor its plot or cast — for the upcoming live-action adaptation has yet to be announced. Variety reports that sleepy hollow and iron fist‘s Mr. Raven Metzner will serve as show runner.

tiger and rabbit debuted as an anime and manga series in 2011. It quickly rose to popularity, receiving two anime feature films in 2012 and 2014 respectively, and a stage play in 2012.

The tiger and rabbit The anime series – which released its first season in 2011 and its second in 2022 – is currently available to stream on Netflix.

tiger and rabbit – set in a futuristic, fictional city of New York – follows the story of veteran superhero Wild Tiger and rookie Barnaby “Bunny” Brooks Jr as they are forced to work together while navigating a world in which the heroes have corporate sponsors and their own reality TV series.

“We see this as a strong property for the English adaptation, partly because of the popularity and notoriety the show already enjoys outside of Japan, and partly because of its unique concept,” said Filosophia CEO Fujimura Tetsu (cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell) Told Variety.

The upcoming live-action adaptation of tiger and rabbit has not yet received housing.

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