HIDIVE releases 3 animated shorts by director Pierre Itō – News

Mouseman: Dark Child, Kenda Master Ken, World, Before the End

HIDIVE announced on Wednesday that it would screen three films by the director Pierre Itōanimated films in North America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Netherlands, Scandinavian and Nordic countries, Spain, Portugal, Central America and South America. The service will premiere the anime on the following dates at 1:00 PM EST:

  • Mouse-man period – February 2
  • Kenda Master Ken – February 9
  • World before the end – February 16

Sentai Filmworks will release the films on home video.

Sentai Filmworks describe Mouse-man period:

“In Period of the Mouseman, a young man grapples with his transformation into a mouse-inspired cyborg. Ito previously produced over 70 Mouseman anime shorts, acting as a director, screenwriter, and character designer. The original version of the film starred Yoshimasa Hosoya (The attack of the Titans) as Mouseman.

Pierre Itō produced a series of more than 70 mouse man anime shorts from 2016 to 2018. Mouseman: Black Child (pictured left) is an anime film based on its independent anime series mouse man. The story centers on the titular protagonist who has been rebuilt into a blue, mouse-like cyborg by a government agency. Itō also produced the Mouseman: Ai no Katamari (The Bundle of Love) animated film in 2020, which was released in theaters from September to October of that year.

Sentai Filmworks describe Kenda Master Ken:

“Kenda Master Ken recounts the exploits of Ken Tamaki as he battles his rivals using kendama, a traditional Japanese toy. The original film version featured Takeshi Maeda (Hunter X Hunter) like Ken Tamaki, Maya Okamoto (Burn the excess) like Saori and Misato (live date) like Tamako.

Itō launched the first Kenda Master Ken anime at the Indies Anime Carnival online event in May 2020. The Master Kenda Ken Shingekijoban: Wara (Kendamaster Ken New Movie Edition: LOL) is a “remake” that adds scenes to the previous anime. The film centers on Ken Tamaki, a boy whose parents were killed by kendama. Ken faces off against other rivals at kendama.

Sentai Filmworks describe World before the end:

“In Apocalyptic World, Before You End, two people separated by time and space must unravel their tangled history before the end of the world. The original version of the film starred Shuta Morishima (WATAMOTE: No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault, I’m unpopular!) as Rui and Akiko Nakagawa (Inuyasha) as Michiru.

World before the end centers on two people separated by time and space who must unravel their stories before the end of the world.

Source: HIDIVE

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