Five animated series that should be made into live-action movies

Anime turned into live-action movies hasn’t been the best idea yet, but with advancements in technology and filming techniques, it might be time to explore this option again and trying to make it the next big thing to hit theaters. After all, people are still avid anime fans and want to see something bigger, bigger, faster, and more entertaining all the time. So why not give it to them? Hiring famous actors to fill the roles might not always be the best idea, but it would at least be something to consider if the right people were found for the job. And this time around it might be better to have a few of them go out rather than just one or two here and there in order to keep people on their toes trying to decide which one to watch first. and which one they’re most excited for.

It might work. In the meantime, here are some anime shows that could make some great live-action movies.

5. Berserk

With all the buzz around Game of Thrones and wondering what will happen to satisfy our need for this sort of thing once the series is over, Berserk seems like it could at least be a balm to assuage that need as it is quite violent. , takes place around the same time and features some very interesting characters that could easily make it work. The movie might need to be toned down a bit to be truly interesting to watch, but for the most part, the main tenets of the series should be able to translate to the big screen and wow audiences with the intensity of the action and the effects. . that would be just great.

4. The high school of the dead

The zombie craze is still very much present and it’s good to see a zombie movie come out every now and then to keep the audience’s interest stirred. However, being held in a high school would certainly locate it and perhaps make it a little more personal. Considering there were only 12 episodes on this show, there would be enough to make it a 2 hour movie and there probably wouldn’t be much left unless someone in the writing department wanted to. make sure there was enough infill to keep it playing just long enough. It wouldn’t end up like The Walking Dead but it would probably be fast-paced, entertaining, and scary.

3. A punch

It would be pretty satisfying to see a movie about it just to see the main character develop some kind of weakness or vulnerability that he couldn’t hide or hide from others. The whole idea of ​​One Punch Man is a bit satirical and should probably be crafted as such to make sense, but it could work like a movie in large part because people like to see the best moments that are so crazy that no one else. sane would do nothing but laugh to broadcast the moment. On top of that, it would be up to the creators to find a way to make him a little easier to understand and possibly give him something that he couldn’t defeat with a single punch.

2. Monster

The realistic feel of this show would make it one of the best draws of the bunch, as it deals with a lot of ethics and wouldn’t be aimed at a younger audience. Hearing that the man you saved continued to kill so many would be something that could take a heavy toll on a doctor’s mind, as it would mean that you have unleashed that monster on the world and are being held by it. honor to do something about it. Of course, as a doctor it would be unethical to go hunting someone with the obvious intention of harming them. This movie could be something great just because it doesn’t have an obvious resolution.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Yes, this one had its own movie, but since that movie has failed so horribly and there hasn’t been any big attempt at anything because it stands to reason that Dragon Ball Z deserves the kind of rebirth that could really go from being a joke among live action movies to something really special if the right director grabs it. This streak from start to finish has been something so unique and so great that leaving it alone after a flop seems like a sin. This series deserves to be represented by a film of such epic proportions that it would be considered a blockbuster in the making.

It would be fun to see at least two.

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