Fall 2021 animated movies that will be worth watching

Today, let’s take a look at the Fall 2021 animated movie updates. There’s still plenty to come, and things may be a little different from the actual anime shows. Although it’s interesting that the movies wrap things up in just a few hours. They may seem relatively short for those who are used to watching the action unfold over a series of episodes. The summer 2021 anime season is already underway, with all of the scheduled anime shows gearing up for their debut.

Various animated films have already started and more will follow soon. With only three months left for summer, the list of summer 2021 films is already full, and we haven’t been able to have any surprises. So that leaves us with some fall 2021 animated films that could make some slight changes. Soon we’ll take a look at the fall 2021 animated movie listings and see what we should expect at the end of the year.

When it comes to movies, it’s also best to watch up to a year in advance. So it should also help research which animated movies are coming out in 2022. While the list isn’t that long, it helps keep in mind what you expect with the New Year. But for now, we’ll take a look at the best animated movies you should be looking for in fall 2021.

This will come with a new anime season filled with many newcomer shows that look interesting. So it will be like a new era because some anime like Seven capital sins and The attack of the Titans come to the end of their days. As new animated films in 2021 will be added to the fall season.

Fall 2021 Animated Film: Violet Evergarden The Movie

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the 2021 fall anime season will have; note that the schedule may be subject to change:

Fall 2021 animated films

Only a few films received the exact release date. Most of them have yet to receive updates on their premiere date. So far, they’re only due out in fall 2021, and more details will be released in due course. This means more films will join later as fall 2021 approaches.

Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: September 3, 2021

Ryouma too! Prince of Tennis Shinsei: Tennis no Ouji-sama, the animated film, will be released on September 3, 2021. It will be one of the first films to be released for the fall season.

Le Roi Cerf: September 10, 2021

Shika no Ou: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi will be released on September 10, 2021. And will join the first films of the season.

To free! the last move, part 1: September 17, 2021

Princess Principal: Crown Handler – Chapter 1: September 28, 2021

The film was originally scheduled for February 11, 2021 but has been postponed until fall 2021. So it’s good to see that the film will still be on screens in 2021.

Space Battleship Yamato 2205: A New Journey Part 1: Take-off: October 8, 2021

The son’s alternate title is Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2205: Aratanaru Tabidachi – Zenshou: Take-Off and will also air in Fall 2021. More details on the films will be released later.

Violet Evergarden the movie: September 18, 2021

The other animated films have yet to receive cinema dates, but they are officially confirmed for fall 2021. The list is as follows:

  • Sing Some Harmony (Ai no Utagoe wo Kikasete): Fall 2021
  • Argonavis from BanG Dream! Film: Prelude (provisional): fall 2021
  • DAKAICHI -I’m harassed by the sexiest man of the year- The Film: In Spain (Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. Film: Spain-hen): Fall 2021
  • EUREKA: Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution (EUREKA / Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution): Fall 2021
  • Month of the Kamiari Child (Kamiarizuki no Kodomo): Fall 2021
  • Princess Principal: Crown Handler – Chapter 2: Fall 2021
  • Sword Art Online Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night (Sword Art Online: Progressive – Hoshinaki Yoru no Aria): Fall 2021
  • Tropical-Rogue! Precure Film (Provisional): Fall 2021
  • The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim (Uchuu no Hou: Elohim-hen): Fall 2021

Some of these films, like Violet Evergarden, will be shown on sites like Netflix and Funimation, but most will be theatrical releases which will then be released on DVD and broadcast on different dates depending on the local region.

That would be all for now, so obviously there are more shows yet to be announced for the final season of the year. So, as soon as the official updates are made, we will bring more updates accordingly.

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