The debt grouping process is very simple thanks to negotiating agencies like ours. Still do not know if to start with this process or what are the benefits of hiring a negotiating agency ? Do not worry! From Quello Consultores we will tell you what is the process to follow in the reunification of debts.


What is the debt grouping process?

debt grouping process?

Many clients, when they have considered starting the debt grouping process , were not sure where they should start. We always recommend the same to all our clients, go to a negotiating agency like Quello Consultores . This option is the simplest, easiest and fastest, you know why? Because mainly a negotiating agency will be able to reunify all your debts regardless of which financial institution has their loans contracted.

If your intention was to go to your trusted bank to reunify your debts , it will not always be possible. Your bank can only reunify the debts that have been contracted with them, however, if you have the mortgage with a bank, the car with a completely different one and the kitchen furniture with another, your bank will not be able to do it. In these cases it is when the negotiating agencies come into play.

The negotiating agencies will be responsible for executing all the work. You will only have to provide the documentation required by the negotiating agency .


Why hire a negotiating agency?

money loan

Negotiating agencies provide endless advantages to clients who need to reunify their debts . However, do you know all the advantages they can bring you?

First, the negotiating agencies have professionals with extensive experience in performing this type of procedure. These professionals will be in charge of negotiating the best loan reunification conditions for you.

Secondly, by delegating all procedures to these types of agencies, you will save time. The negotiating agencies are in charge of managing all the documentation for you allowing you to save your leisure time.

And finally, negotiating agencies like ours have a fee simulator on our website, so you can estimate your monthly fee in an estimated way.

If you are interested in debt collection and want to ask for more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professionals will be happy to answer all your questions. Get in touch with us!

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