Crunchyroll summer 2021 program announced


What better time than the summer season to stay indoors and watch anime? Crunchyroll has announced most of its anime lineup for summer 2021 and includes bangers like Fena: pirate princess, My hero university Season 5, and This time I reincarnated in slime Season 2.

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Announced on Crunchyroll official website, the range is quite extensive with animes of all types. However, it looks like the streamer is going to have some surprises up his sleeve, as there are still 12 spots left in the “New Simultaneous” section and two spots in the “Top Titles” section still unfulfilled. You would assume that both of the Top Titles section come from the New Simulcasts section, as the “Continuing Simulcasts” section has all its spots filled.

Anyway, here’s the Crunchyroll Summer 2021 anime lineup right now:

New simultaneous broadcasts

  • Fena: pirate princess
  • Girlfriend, Girlfriend
  • I’m Standing Over a Million Lives Season 2
  • Idolish7 Third time!
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S
  • Peach boy riverside
  • This time I reincarnated in Slime Season 2
  • Aquatope on white sand
  • The gods of Idaten know only peace

Continue simultaneous broadcasts

  • Boruto: The Next Generations Of Naruto
  • Case closed
  • Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure
  • Kiyo to Kyoto: From Maiko House
  • My Hero Academia Season 5
  • A play
  • Heroes of the world SD Gundam
  • To your eternity
  • Tokyo Avengers
  • Tropical Red! Precurate
  • Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun! Season 2

Crunchyroll isn’t the only streaming service to host some of the anime listed. Funimation will play some of these series, including This time I reincarnated in Slime Season 2.

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However, titles like the original Crunchyroll Fena: pirate princess will only be available on the streamer. This particular anime will be available in other ways, as it will be featured in Toonami’s schedule block this summer.

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