Boku ga Aishita / Kimi wo Aishita Anime Films Release Full Trailers With Theme Songs

The official site for the two upcoming anime film adaptations of Yomoji Otono’s sci-fi romance novels, Boku ga Aihsita Subete no Kimi he (To all of you that I loved) and Kimi wo Aishita Hitori no Boku he (To the only one who loved you, me), released full 60-second trailers featuring each other’s theme songs.

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The theme song of Boku ga Aihsita Subete no Kimi he, “Kumo wo Kou” is sung by the singer-songwriter Keina Suda. The title is taken from an old idiom “Rouchou Kumo wo Kou”, which is a metaphor for a limited being longing for a situation free from the meaning of a bird in a basket yearning for clouds in the sky.

Message from Keina Suda:

I wrote the theme song “Kumo wo Kou” for the movie “Boku ga Aihsita Subete no Kimi he”. When I was first shown the storyboards, I was very impressed that tricky scenes and mental maps were already depicted. I created the song for us to be accomplices in the different forms of relationships. Even if the past is hazy and the future uncertain, I believe there are some things. I would be happy if I could color this film, if only a little.

“Boku ga Aihsita Subete no Kimi he” full trailer:

Keina Suda:

Meanwhile, the theme song of Kimi wo Aishita Hitori no Boku he, “Shion” (Tartarian Aster) is performed by a three-member Japanese rock band saucy dog.

Message from Shinya Ishihara (singer/guitarist of Soucy Dog):

Memories too good to fade. If we could go back in time, what should we have been doing then, and how would we still be “together”? It’s the story of someone and someone like that. It’s far from the future I hoped for, but I’m sure we’ll meet again there. When you do, smile again and say, “I’m tired of waiting. So let’s talk about memories.

“Kimi wo Aishita Hitori no Boku he” full trailer:

Sassy dog:

Both films are set to release simultaneously in Japan on October 7, 2022.

Main poster visual:

“Boku ga Aihsita Subete no Kimi he” Personal:

  • Director: Jun Matsumoto (FRATERNAL CONFLICT)
  • Script: Riko Sakaguchi (The Tale of Princess Kaguya)
  • Original character designs: shimano
  • Production: BAKKEN REGISTRATION (label of Tatsunoko Production)

“Kimi wo Aishita Hitori no Boku he” Personal:

  • Director: Kenichi Kasai (Nodame Cantabile, Bakuman.)
  • Script: Riko Sakaguchi
  • Original character designs: shimano
  • Production: TMS Entertainment (Lupine the Third, Detective Conan)

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Source: The official movie website

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