Best Anime Shows Featuring Lovable Himedere Characters

Anime characters can be described in all sorts of ways, including familiar -dere archetypes. The most popular archetype is the tsundere – a brash, defensive lover who is slow to admit his true feelings. Then there’s the less common but even more colorful himedere archetype, describing an aspiring princess with an inflated ego but a heart of gold beneath her arrogant exterior.

The characters of Himedere are rarely real princesses, quite the contrary. They often act superior to make up for personal misfortunes, and while these characters act annoying at first, they’re decent, lovable people deep down, and they might open up and show their true feelings when the time comes. Luckily, there are plenty of anime series featuring one or more himedere characters for fans to encounter.

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Food Wars Presents Culinary Princess Nakiri Erina

If Nakiri Mana is the undisputed queen of the kitchen with her amazing God Tongue powers in Food wars!, then her only daughter Nakiri Erina is the princess of the culinary world, a real himedere. From the start, Erina was raised like royalty and was always used to getting what she wanted – until her mother ran away and her father became tyrannical. Years later, protagonist Yukihira Soma enrolled in Totsuki, Japan’s top culinary school, and developed a friendly rivalry with Erina.

Food wars! is all about the competitive nature of cooking and the passion behind every dish, and Soma helped his new friend Himedere understand that true love is the secret ingredient, not arrogance or even the tongue of God. Soma deflated more than a few exaggerated egos in Food wars! with her creative and heartfelt cooking, and Erina finally left her himedere throne to embrace her true family. It’s not all about her, it’s about who she loves the most.

Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy Features a Himedere Goddess

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya might seem like an ordinary high school slice-of-life anime at first, but the titular protagonist Haruhi knows better. She’s a literal goddess who is desperate to entertain herself in this seemingly dull world and discover incredible things such as aliens or the supernatural, and if she gets too bored, disaster can strike. So, Haruhi forms the SOS Squad to find entertainment, and she expects everyone to cater to her every whim.

Even though Haruhi doesn’t dress like a princess, she certainly acts like one, embodying the himedere archetype with her “it’s all about me” attitude. Himederes are known for their bossy personalities and desire to have underlings who obey them, and Haruhi is exactly like that in the story of Melancholy. If her subordinates don’t give this himedere what she wants, she might get bored enough to reinvent the whole world with her goddess powers. This must not happen.

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Re:Zero’s Himedere, Beatrice, dresses like royalty

Re: zero is a hugely popular isekai anime series featuring the brave outsider Natsuki Subaru, a boy who quickly found himself in the Mathers Estate after dying several times in town. He meets many Re: zerofrom half-elf royal candidate Emilia and room sisters Ram and Rem to Roswaal Mathers and finally, Beatrice herself.

Beatrice is a total tsundere, like Ram, and she’s not easy to find either, sequestering herself in the forbidden library. She dresses and acts like a noble princess at all times, but eventually Subaru struck up a true friendship with her after a few failed attempts. Beatrice, like most himedere characters, is secretly vulnerable and lonely on the inside, having waited 400 years for a certain “someone” to arrive. Maybe Subaru is that someone after all, and Beatrice could finally end her wait.

Demon Slayer featured a Himedere upper moon, Daki

A large number of demon slayerThe characters of have unique personalities that don’t match the -dere archetypes too much, though Inosuke has tsundere elements to him and Nezuko is slightly similar to the friendly deredere type. Then the “Entertainment District” story arc added a full-fledged himedere to the mix – a character who perfectly embodies the hopeless arrogance of all demons, Daki. She shares the rank of Upper Moon Six with her brother Gyutaro, a fact she is very proud of.

Daki and Gyutaro grew up in miserable poverty before becoming demons, and now Daki works as a cruel, power-hungry oiran who likes to order others around and do everything on her own. Her himedere personality was even more evident in battle during the story arc, such as her relentless boasting of her powers and sudden crying when she was defeated. For all their arrogance, himederes are vulnerable and often scared on the inside, and Tengen and Tanjiro were shocked to see this side of their himedere opponent.

Trapped in a Himedere Multi-Character Dating Simulator

anime isekai fun Trapped in a dating simulator features not one but four himedere characters, friends and foes of protagonist Leon Bartfort. In this world, girls and women hold all the power and political marriages between nobles mean everything, making it the perfect environment for himederes to flourish. The sweetest of them all is Angelica Redgrave, who acts like a trusting big sister to Leon and Olivia, and she’s learned to embrace true friendship with them. More antagonistic himederes include Leon’s real sister Marie, who even dresses like a princess, Count Stephanie Offrey’s daughter, and Fanoss’ princess, the pretentious Hertrude.

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