Anime shows that could use the live-action treatment

Vampires are cool. OK, OK, maybe not all vampires. Still, vampires are generally known to be suave. “Hellsing” is no exception. The name refers to the original vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who created the super-secret “Hellsing Organization” (which is why the title has two “L’s”) over a century ago to save the world from the invasive supernatural threats (such as, of course, the aforementioned vampires). The action-packed anime series focuses on the convoluted-named huntress Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who now leads the Hellsing organization. She is protected by her loyal warrior-butler Walter C. Dornez and the morally ambiguous but super stylish vampire Alucard.

Doing a live-action adaptation of the “Hellsing” anime is honestly just an excuse to get some clever and inventive vampire action onscreen, something sorely lacking since the “Underworld” and original movies ended.” Blade”.

Besides the anime’s awesome action, the look of the characters is also unique and the lore is fun. Also, unlike other anime, it wouldn’t rely so heavily on flashy CGI and VFX and could be done relatively inexpensively with handy prosthetics and stunts. The strong female lead would also be a great role for an actress. A live-action movie is reportedly in development, but we could also see it as a spectacle. More the merrier, the merrier.

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