Adult swim controls Rick & Morty and Ninja Kamui Anime Series

The shadowy forms of Rick and Morty watch the camera film twist into a white portal.

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It’s alive! Not just a new rick and morty animated series, but a rick and morty animated serieswas created by the madmen of Adult Swim, led by Takashi Sano, who also directed the hugely popular R&M animated shorts “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” and “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)”. But that’s not all, as the channel also spotlighted a new original series titled Ninja Kamuiwill be made Sunghoo Park of the arguably even more popular anime film Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

If you’ve seen both shorts, you should know exactly what we’re going to get with it. Rick and Morty: The Animated Series– a series of adventures so violent and surreal that it somehow makes the original version tame? If you haven’t seen them, welp:

As for Ninja Kamuiit looks like old-school, old-school anime, with ninjas, robots, and most importantly, revenge:

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Ninja Kamui follows Joe Higan who is a Nukenin – a former ninja who has escaped his clan and is hiding from his violent past in rural America with his family,” reads in part a synopsis provided by Adult Swim. “One night he is ambushed by a team of assassins from his old organization who demand bloody retribution on Joe and his family for betraying their old code. Emerging from his apparent “death”, Joe will reappear under his old name – Ninja Kamui – to avenge his family and friends. Kamui is a 21st century ninja, a shadowy anachronism who pits his ancient skills against high-tech weaponry with brutal finesse. He must battle trained assassins, battle cyborgs and rival ninjas to bring down the very clan that created him.

This isn’t the first time that Adult Swim (and its Toonami programming block) has ventured into producing its own animated series; besides the recent Fena: Pirate Princess, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and anime shenmue show, an adaptation of Uzumaki and the brand new and very enigmatic Housing Complex C, both of which are slated to air this year.

As for R&M: TA and Ninja Kamui, no release date has been announced, of course. However, we know the rick and morty the anime will be 10 full episodes just like a normal season of R&Mand animated by Telecom Animation Film, who made the two shorts. Ninja Kamui, meanwhile, will be produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, with character designs by BAtman: Ninjais Takeshi Okazaki.

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