8 Outstanding Genre Animated Movies For Newcomers And Returning Fans


From left to right: your name, Paprika, Wolf Children and The Secret World of Arriety.

From left to right : your name, Paprika, Wolf Children, and The secret world of Arriety.
Picture: Animation Toei, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan, Studio Chizu, Studio Ghibli

We’re all looking for new things to try while respecting social distancing. It might be cook fictitious foods, play a table role play, Where enter models. If you are trying the anime for the first time (or after a long break) has been on your list, we have a charming, complex and influential collection of them for you to check out.

I didn’t get into anime until my mid-twenties – at that point, I was told by some fans that I was already manner late. But it’s never too late to step into a new one form of storytelling, and anime is one that has only flourished and prospered over the decades. Keep in mind these are my movie recommendations as someone who got into the anime a bit later than most, so feel free to add your own personal choices in the comments. We are going to make anime fans again with every io9 player!

Just a taste of the breathtaking animation of Your Name.

Just a taste of the breathtaking animation in Your name.
Picture: Animation Toei

your name (2016)

If there is only one anime to remember from this list, it’s Your name. This fantastic romance of Makoto shinkai tells the story of a town boy named Taki and a country girl named Mitsuha who inexplicably find themselves changing bodies. The two grow closer – although they never got to meet – until the circumstances of their bond change in ways I won’t explain because it just has to be experienced. This film is superbly written and has some of the best animation of the 21st century, thanks in large part to Shinkai and animation director Masashi Ando. your name is available for rental or purchase on Seen Where itunes.

Here is: Laputa.

Here is: Laputa.
Picture: Studio Ghibli

Castle in the sky (1986)

Hayao miyazaki is one of the best creators around and you’ve probably heard of his work, even if you’ve never seen an anime. You can’t go wrong with any of his movies, so I’m going to recommend my favorite: Castle in the sky. This story combines Gulliver’s travels with the caption of Atlantis, resulting in a story about a young girl named Sheeta who has an intimate connection to a lost kingdom named Laputa. After escaping from some government agents, Sheeta meets a boy named Pazu, who agrees to help her find the lost city and protect it from those who harm her. The English dub presents Mark Hamill as the villain, and he jokes so well. Castle in the sky is set to be on HBO Max when it launched on May 27.

Paprika finds herself in a world of dreams and chaos.

Paprika finds herself in a world of dreams and chaos.
Picture: Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan

Paprika (2007)

Crossed out by the late Satoshi Kon, Paprika is a visual feast on the power of dreams and metamorphosis. A group of researchers have created a device called “DC Mini” that allows people to access other people’s dreams. Doctor Atsuko Chiba begins to use the device (illegally) to help some of his patients, assuming the identity of “Paprika”, a playful pixie who represents everything Atsuko is not. Things start to go wrong, and soon the dream world and the real world start to intertwine. Atsuko must embrace both sides of his personality to save the world and restore order. Paprika is available for rental or purchase on Seen Where itunes.

Arriety presents her secret world to us.

Arriety presents her secret world to us.
Picture: Studio Ghibli

The Secret World of Arriety (2010)

This 2010 Studio Ghibli film was the first film for Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who had some really big shoes to fill after Miyazaki. He nailed it with The Secret World of Arriety, a charming adaptation of Mary norton Borrowers series on a very a small family that lives secretly within the walls of a large house, “borrowing” from the family what they need to survive.

In this version, the young borrower, Shida, befriends a human boy named Shō while trying to keep his world a secret from other humans. It’s a sweet slice-of-life story about an unconventional family and the efforts they make to survive. And unlike Catscough cough The Secret World of Arriety did a good job shrinking her world to accommodate Shida and the rest of her family. You’ll love all the clever ways they bring Arriety’s house to life. The Secret World of Arriety is available for purchase on Seen.

She's on a mission ... to avoid a bad grade.

She’s on a mission … to avoid a bad grade.
Picture: Crazy’s house

The girl who jumped in time (2006)

This 2006 anime is a special gem because of the way it showcases the psychology of suddenly having a superpower. Often times we see people who are developing abilities quickly switch to “hero mode ”, but Makoto is much more relevant. After discovering that she has the ability to time jump, she spends much of the movie using it for silly bullshit to improve her life. Take tests, avoid fights with friends, and even relive a fantastic karaoke song over and over again. It’s only when she realizes that her powers have a limit that she tries to work things out with those close to her. It’s a sweet love story and a powerful emotional journey told through a distinctly sci-fi lens. The girl who jumped in time is available for rental or purchase on Seen Where itunes.

Finally, Taika Waititi will adapt.  One day.  May be.

Finally, Taika Waititi will adapt. One day. May be.
Picture: TMS Entertainment

Akira (1988)

It’s worth seeing this movie, if only to understand how many other movies it is influenced by. Akira is a 1988 fantasy science fiction film (with a redo on the way) which takes place decades after a singularity destroyed Tokyo, with a new city and a new way of life emerging in its place. A young man named Tetsuo literally collides with fate, awakening psychic powers that signal his eventual transcendence into another plane of existence.

The story is Blade runner meets 2001: A Space Odyssey, featuring some of the most groundbreaking entertainment of the period – and its legacy can be felt across the industry, in eall from stellar anime like Cowboy Bebop and Lain series experiments To The matrix movie theater, Kill Bill, and The black Knight. Same Star wars must some of his suite success at Akira. The story and style alone is enough to justify seeing this movie, but it’s going to double up for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of one of the most influential films of our generation. Akira is available for free streaming on Tubi.

She wants to be where the people are.

She wants to be where the people are.
Picture: Studio Chizu

Wolf Children (2012)

Wolf Children is the story of a mother who learns to let her children go, with one caveat: they can turn into wolves. Wolf children, of the director of The girl who jumped in time is about a human named Hana who falls in love with a shapeshifter and has two children with him. Sadly, he died soon after, and Hana had to raise her two shapeshifting children on her own.

It might be a classic ‘fish out of water’ story, but what makes it unique is that it concerns both mother and children. As Yuki and Ame wonder if they want to hide or kiss their animal themselves, Hana must work to keep their identities a secret without making them feel that their wolf side is something they are ashamed of. In the end, each child chooses their own path, and Hana has to tell her story as best she can. Wolf Children is available for purchase on itunes.

The face that launched a thousand ScarJos.

The face that launched a thousand ScarJos.
Picture: Visual bandai

Ghost in the shell (1995)

Speaking of influential films, Ghost in the shell is one of the essentials of the cyberpunk genre, drawing on the approaches of Akira and Blade runner and take them to new heights of visual storytelling. Ghost in the shell takes place in a world where the human body or even the mind can be augmented by cybernetic parts. It focuses on Major Motoko Kusanagi, who is on the hunt for the Puppet Master, a super-hacker who can take over an augmented person’s body without their knowledge or consent, but there is a darker truth about the true origins and purpose of the Puppet Master. The film has influenced everything ever since The matrix movies at Avatar, and even got his own live remake… that we are not going to talk anymore In regards to. The Ghost in the shell the reissue is available to watch for free on Youtube, Tubi, and Seen.

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