7 Best Anime Movies To Watch Twice

The world of Japanese animation is vast, intoxicating with its vibrant cinematography and boundary-pushing storytelling, offering international audiences a spotlight on some of cinema’s most gifted filmmakers of all time.

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There’s only one job every movie sets out to do when it hits theaters around the world, and that’s to fill seats to meet the weekend’s opening screenings. But a film’s revisibility is contained in its traits that go beyond entertainment value and cut through the layers of themes and provocations that, even after a single two-hour viewing, leave the viewer wondering and wondering. want more.

Akira (1988): The Beginning

A bomb is about to be dropped on 1988 Neo-Tokyo after ESP experiments performed on children fly south. But our story is set thirty-one years after the explosion when Kaneda, a member of a motorcycle gang, struggles to save his friend Tetsuo after he is captured by the government and becomes the subject of a mysterious experiment and twisted.

It doesn’t take more than a brilliantly executed opening sequence featuring almost no words of dialogue to let the viewer know they’re in for a treat when Akira begins, and the journey does not stop until it has reached its true maximum potential, which is astronomically high. Through revolutionary hand-drawn cellular animation, the world of Akira is richer and fuller of more character than its stripped down reputation gives it.


ocean waves (2016): The Afterglow of High School Romance

Taku Morisaki returns to Tokyo to attend an intimate high school reunion as he recounts memories of his high school days, focusing on a summer that spurred a love triangle between him and his two closest friends.

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ocean waves reflects on the naivety of the high school experience through the memory of an altered adult, with characters so full of life that it is frustrating to spend time with them. Through a soft color palette and eighties gloom, ocean waves tells the timeless story of a young man torn between desire and anger while navigating a friendship.

your name (2016): The Undisputed Masterpiece of Makato Shinkai

When two teenagers find themselves bound by a cosmic bond, their mundane life becomes infinitely complicated when they decide to meet.

There have been few anime achievements in recent memory that have brought the anime director’s fans together like what Makato Shinkai accomplished in your name, which takes the delicate beauty of hand-drawn cellular animation to a whole new level. But the awe-inspiring cinematography is just the canvas on which this emotionally complex and truly epic story is painted.

The case of Hana and Alice (2015): A Gem of Life Hidden in Plain Sight

When fourteen-year-old Tetsuko moves into a new school, she is bullied after being given the seat of a student who was murdered and embarks on a low-key investigation into his mysterious death.

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The cast of Hana and Alice could be a great entry into the slice-of-life genre thanks to its little passing moments that make the film stand out in the genre. The watercolor palette aligns with the rest of the film’s quirky qualities and reflects beautifully as the two main characters embark on an emotional and at times very comedic journey.

perfect blue (1997): Fiction vs. Reality

When famed singer Mima abruptly ends her career to continue performing full-time, the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur as she follows a grotesque stalker.

Fiction and reality are indeed separated by an increasingly blurred distinction, even after the credits. perfect blue. A masterclass on modern horror and the vicious relationship between Hollywood and its top talent, perfect blue is as gorgeous as it is truly disturbing and chilling and takes the viewer on a ride that only gets more gruesome with each watch.

Ponyo (2008): Miyazaki’s Vibrant Cautionary Tale

When a goldfish princess escapes her exclusion from the outside world and befriends the little boy Sosuke, who gives her the name Ponyo, the two become inseparable as Ponyo’s desire to become human grows rapidly.

A watch is not enough to grasp the true extent of Ponyowhether through his environmental commentary on ocean pollution or the sheer realization of infinitely detailed hand-drawn animation. Ponyo is as artistically deep as it is almost adorable.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989): Grow Up

When Kiki, a thirteen-year-old witch-in-training, and her talking cat Jiji move to a new port town in accordance with her village’s training traditions, she finds her purpose in an unknown location using her flight abilities to deliver for a local bakery that gives her a place to live.

On several watches, the true heartbeat of Kiki’s Delivery Service can be found in the timeless struggle of artistic liberation and the journey of finding yourself in order to find your purpose in the world you live in. And this world is presented in great detail by the writer/director Hayao Miyazakiwhich once again proves its status as a master of storytelling through an endless supply of fleshed-out characters and an animation style that never ceases to impress.

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