6 best award-winning animated movies on Netflix to watch


Children of the Sea on Netflix, via GDKids PR: 6 Award-Winning Animated Movies on Netflix to Watch

6 award-winning animated films on Netflix to discover

Navigating the vast and seemingly endless world of anime can be a daunting task, with around a dozen genres—from Shonen to Shojo-and a wide range of animation styles. But taste can often be influenced by word of mouth, and it’s helpful, even outside of the anime world, to know that others have signed a movie before diving in for an hour or two. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the six award-winning animated films on Netflix to watch.

With its featured anime, the streaming giant has showcased some of Japan’s top anime creators, such as clandestineit’s Naoko Yamada, your nameis Makoto Shinkai, and Wolf Children‘s Mamoru Hosoda to name a few. Although their animation memorizes, these stories are more than just fairly moving canvases. The stories are filled with raw themes, touching dialogue, and abstract symbolism for important life lessons.

Whether it’s disability, war, bullying, or an existential elucidation of the meaning of life, these award-winning stories aim to get to the heart of the human condition and even compete with some of Hollywood’s most moving classics.

Seasoned anime junkies and those looking for a foundation on which to build a new animation addiction can’t go wrong starting with the anime which is now receiving worldwide acclaim.

Check out our list of award-winning animated movies on Netflix to watch.

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