5 Netflix anime series that should become movies

Over the past year, Netflix has added some amazing movies and series to its anime library. Whether you’re an old school anime fan or a new anime fan, Netflix is ​​one of the best choices for finding anime.

Netflix has been able to create original content that has become just as popular as the already established anime. Netflix has invested heavily to ensure its selection of anime is must-watch streaming.

Most of Japan’s hottest anime series are Netflix exclusives and have gained new fans on Netflix. But they could bring in even more new fans if these five Netflix anime series become movies.

The Netflix anime that should become movies

The attack of the Titans

The last season of The attack of the Titans should be out later this year. The attack of the Titans maintained both massive and critical popularity throughout its four-season run. The show has a strong storyline, excellent animation, solid voice acting, and an exciting dark theme that grabs the audience’s attention.

The attack of the Titans takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the rest of humanity lives within a few walls, having been destroyed by giant monsters called Titans. The show opens with the hero of the show, Eren seeing his town attacked and his own mother killed by one of the Titans. Eren would swear revenge by enrolling in a military unit that specializes in fighting Titans, which leads to him discovering that he too is a Titan. Because the story is so good, this show is definitely one that anime fans would love to see made into a movie.

One-punch man

the anime One-punch man is based on a popular webcomic about a superhero who gets bored of being a superhero. It is one of the most unique anime as the main character got bored after defeating all his opponents with one punch.

The manga has sold over 30 million copies and been nominated for several print awards. The anime series has been praised by many people. One-punch man only has two seasons and 24 episodes. It is a simple and fast watch. The series presents a story that should be told in a movie because he is such a unique character that people would want to know more about it.

Death threat

The 2017 Death threat The movie was a disappointment as it just looked boring and didn’t live up to the anime series. The show is one of the most popular anime that deserves to have a movie done the right way. Death threat is about a high school student who finds a supernatural black notebook with the power to kill. He begins using it to kill high profile Japanese criminals. A team of detectives is formed to hunt down the mysterious criminal mastermind. This anime is the perfect blend of horror and mystery.


Beastars takes place in a modern, civilized world populated by anthropomorphic animals. There is a cultural divide between herbivorous animals and carnivorous animals. The story follows Legoshi, a large gray wolf who is a quiet student at Cherryton Academy, where he currently lives in a dorm with other carnivorous students. The character Tem, the alpaca, is murdered, causing trouble between the herbivorous and carnivorous students.

Throughout the show, we see prejudices and stereotypes being used against carnivores, which are, for the most part, peaceful. Beastars was considered one of the most popular anime in 2019 and deserves to have a movie that can tell more about herbivorous animals and carnivorous animals


Yasuke is a new anime that has quickly become one of the most popular anime on Netflix. The show places real-life historical character Yasuke in an alternate reality with magic and modern technology. In real life, Yasuke was an African man who was brought to Japan as a slave by an Italian Jesuit in the 16th century.

In Japan, he meets a powerful feudal lord: Lord Oda Nobunaga. He ended up in his service and witnessed his death in a known historical event. In the series, the story remains true as Yasuke is a legendary ronin, 20 years after the assassination of the feudal lord, trying to retire but being called back to help a sick child. The series received critical acclaim from its first season. Yasuke is still a new anime series with the story told, but it could become a movie and be as successful as the series.

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