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Although we don’t want to think about it, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year. When all the dinner and party plans are done over the weekend, you might be wondering what to do on a weeknight to celebrate. Maybe a movie, take-out, or two-man video game tournament is in your future, but for the couple who likes to liven up and chill, let me be your guide to romantic and not-so-romantic anime to watch. on holidays devoted to love.

For the couple who met at work: Wotakoi: Love is difficult for OtakuWotakoi feels like the obvious watch for Valentine’s Day. Two college friends who have lost sight of each other suddenly reunite when they start working together. Their newfound friendship gradually turns to love as they get to know each other again. The appeal of the series is finding the one you love and sharing every weird and nerdy part of you and doing your hobbies together. Not to mention I’m a sucker for any anime about adults doing normal adult stuff!

For the couple who may be a little toxic: The flowers of evil – It’s not a love story. With the worst love triangle known to man, The evil flowers is about manipulation, high school crush and despair. Totally a psychological thriller, this will make you think, “Damn, at least we’re not that bad!” This series will have you either hitting the button for the next episode as soon as the credits roll, or sitting in silence and digesting everything you just watched for an hour. On second thought… maybe watching this for Valentine’s Day isn’t a good idea, but it’s really good, and the rotoscope animation is so cool!
(Disclaimer: This series includes heavier topics including harassment, manipulation, and assault. Please watch at your own discretion.)

For the couple who accidentally fell in love: Dragon Pilot: Hisone and MasotanPilot Dragon is a contemporary fantasy about people controlling dragons disguised as airplanes. Yes, you read that right. A military base in the middle of nowhere, the characters overcome their struggles, confess their crushes, form friendships and grow as people. It’s a slice of life, it’s slow but genuine, and relationships blossom slowly over time. Not to mention, that ending theme will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Kyousougiga (2013) - Anime Review - THE MAGIC RAIN
For the couple “It’s complicated”: Kyousougiga – Think of the messiest couple you know, now add some interdimensional time travel. It is Kyousougiga and man, it stings. Missing parents, distant lovers, generational trauma, this series has it all. A true hidden gem, this anime is a feast for the eyes and will strike a chord with you. I’ve linked this series with so many people I love, it seems fair to recommend it to people who need time to figure things out together.

For the couple with a laughable size difference: a beautiful complexNice complex is the perfect classic shoujo anime. Two classmates who want to find love but are unsure of their size are encouraged by their friends to spend time together. It’s funny, innocent, and a mainstay of early 2000s anime. If any anime could be a hot cover, this is it. This is probably the most reasonable anime recommendation for Valentine’s Day.

Have you seen any of these anime and have a favorite? Would you like me to offer you another series? Are we all going to ignore my recommendations and just watch My love story!! For the fifth time? Probably.

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