5 animated films and series inspired by true stories

If you’re tired of cartoons based on fictional tales, here are some anime movies and series based on real stories.

The storyline adopted by most anime series are fictional, nor do we expect them to be real. In fact, it’s a sigh of relief that most anime stories are pure fantasy art. For example, who would like animated series like Death threat and The attack of the Titans were based on real life incidents? However, this does not mean that all anime series are the product of fictional writing. It may come as a surprise, but some of your favorite anime series are actually inspired by real life incidents.

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Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution | official trailer

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Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution | official trailer






Animated movies/series based on real incidents

5. Steins;Door

Created by White Fox studio, Steins;Door is the most popular anime series of 2011. When you look at the plot of the story, it is hard to believe such incidents have actually happened in the past. The anime follows the journey of Rintarou Okabe, a scientist obsessed with scientific innovations. With his friends, he creates a machine capable of sending a message to the past. His mad discovery comes to the attention of the SERN, after which they all find themselves in danger. Well, you would be surprised to know that Rintarou Okabe is known to be based on John Titor, a man who claimed to be a time traveler.

4. The Vinland Saga

You must be familiar with Vinland Saga even if you haven’t watched the show; it’s so famous. But even its fans are unaware that the anime is based on real events. The 24-episode series will take you back to the 11th century when we witness the invasion of England by the Vikings. A young boy named Thorfinn is out for revenge on those who killed his father. In addition to the Vikings, the series features King Cnut the Great and his rise to power, a true historical figure.

3. Bakuman

All anime fans will accept it Death threat is a legendary anime. But do you know the guys behind this masterpiece, Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Obha? Well, they are some of the most renowned anime artists, and Bakuman is a series based on their lives. Moritaka dreams of becoming the greatest mangaka of all time, but later he gives up on his dream and tries to settle his life as an ordinary guy. His work is then noticed by Akito Takagi, his classmate who dreams of becoming a mangaka himself. They both decide to work hard and become the greatest manga creators of all time.

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2. Hanako-kun in the bathroom

Based on a 2014 manga believed to be true by many, Hanako-kun in the toilet is a comedy, supernatural and thriller anime. With only 12 episodes in the series, it’s a perfect series to watch if you’re looking for an anime based on real stories. Obviously, not everything in the anime is true; things have been spiced up to make the story interesting. Many people tried to summon Hanako-kun as it was rumored that she could grant any wish, but no one ever succeeded. But Nene Yashiro is actually able to summon Hanako, and she discovers that Hanako is a boy.

Barefoot Generation is one of the most painful animated films to date, and it gets even more painful knowing that it’s based on real incidents. The one hour and 25 minute film is based on the incidents of the Hiroshima bombings. Gen, a six-year-old boy, lives a difficult life with his family in Hiroshima. The war between Japan and the United States ended three years ago, and Gen and his family are trying to survive on what’s left. But fate has something else planned for them, and the US bombings once again ruin everyone’s life. In a letter shared by screenwriter Keiji Nakazawa, it tells Barefoot generation is not a work of fiction but the story of his own life.

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