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The official site of the Kingdom anime released the main promotional video for the fourth anime series on Thursday. The video presents the first episode:

The new series will depict the aftermath of the Coalition Army arc and the greatest battle in history, which tore a large gash across Qin as well as all over China. Ei Sei tells Prince Sei Kyou (Cheng Jiao) about his life’s ambition: to become the leader that unites China. Shin and Ei Sei take this ambition one step closer to a new battleground in the upcoming series.

The teaser visual for the new series (pictured right) features Sei Kyou and the catchphrase “I am next.” The visual debuted after the 26th and final episode of the third Kingdom cartoon series in October 2021.

The returning cast includes:

Masakazu Morita like shin

Jun Fukuyama like Ei Sei

Yoshimasa Hosoya as Ō Hon

Suiren, a musical unit that debuted in the summer of 2020, performs the opening theme song “Rei -ray-”. Hakua singer-songwriter who debuted in December 2020, performs the ending theme song “Genyō” (dazzling).

The fourth series will premiere on NHK General on April 9 at 24:00 (effectively April 10 at 00:00).

Yasuhisa HaraThe historical manga centers on the slave boy Xin and his dream of becoming a great general for the state of Qin. Xin helps Ying Zheng, the young Qin king who shares his desire to unify China, to seize power within the state. Xin does everything he can to become a superior commander of an army capable of defeating the Seven Warring States.

The manga record launched in Shueishait’s Jump Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2006. Hara said he planned to write up to 100 volumes. A television anime adaptation premiered in 2012, and a second series premiered in 2013. Funimation aired the series in North America and released both anime series on DVD in 2016.

The third anime series premiered on NHK General in April 2020. The anime’s production committee announced later that month that they were delaying the airing of episode 5 of the series and later episodes due to the Japanese government’s first state of emergency against COVID-19. The third series has resumed airing on NHK General in April 2021. The anime restarted its broadcast from the first episode. Funimation streamed the anime as it aired in Japan.

The third series had a new production team compared to the previous series.

The manga inspired a live-action movie by Shinsuke Sato which opened in Japan in April 2019. Funimation began showing the film in theaters in the United States and Canada in August 2019. The film continued Kingdom II: Harukanaru Daichi e (To Distant Lands) will open on July 15.

The manga also inspired a smartphone game titled Kingdom Hyphen!! which was launched in 2021. The manga will have its first play this coming February.

Sources: Kingdom anime website, comedic Natalie

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