10 strongest characters from all anime shows and movies


There are a lot of anime that can be watched with kids, but the Fate the series is not one of them because the story is a bit complex and mature. The series focuses on a competition called the Holy Grail War, which is a battle royale involving seven minions who are each summoned by a human mage. These Servants are attached to a specific Class, and they are all Heroic Spirits who have made history.

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The series began in 2004 with the release of Destiny / stay the night, and it has since spawned numerous timelines spanning sequels, movies, manga, and video games. Every war has minions who are powerful in their own way, but there are certain characters that stand out from all the others in terms of overall strength.



There are a handful of anime characters who even God of the war’s Kratos can’t beat, but Chiron isn’t one of them because he’s based on the famous centaur from Greek mythology. Chiron is one of the Archer-class minions in Destiny / Apocrypha, and it is able to shoot precise arrows that move faster than the speed of sound. He can shoot up to three arrows at a time, each containing as much destructive magical energy as possible. His Noble Phantasm is Antares Snipe, who shoots a literal shooting star at his opponent. This attack can follow its target, but its destructive power is limited, which is why it must guarantee a one-hit kill.



Fate zero may not be recognized as one of the best anime of the 2010s, but it certainly deserves to be in the conversation. The Berserker-class servant in this iteration of the Holy Grail War was Lancelot, the strongest knight in King Arthur’s Round Table.

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Lancelot has three Noble Phantasms, one of which engulfs his body in a black mist that obscures his identity and abilities. The second allows him to turn anything in his hands into a weapon, including weapons generated by other minions. He can also create a divine construct that is almost as powerful as Excalibur.

Vlad III


Castlevania is one of the best animated series on Netflix, and the one thing it has in common with the Fate the series is Dracula. The legendary vampire appears in Destiny / Apocrypha like Vlad III, the black faction’s lancer, and he’s at his strongest when he’s in Transylvania. Vlad is strong enough to take on heroes who were considered gods, and his main Noble Phantasm allows him to produce up to 20,000 pikes over a distance of 1 kilometer. When he becomes Dracula, all of his physical abilities are amplified and he gets an incredible healing factor. It took several minions to bring this vampire down.



There are two versions of the 5th Holy Grail War, and Hercules is the Berserker class minion in both. He is considered the greatest hero in Greek mythology and his incredible physical strength can be attributed to his status as a demigod. This minion is incredibly tall and statue-like, and charges into battle while wielding a huge ax-sword. Her Noble Phantasm is really annoying, as it allows her to resurrect 11 times before eventually dying, and her master is able to replenish those lives over time.

king arthur


Fate zero has one of the best anime openings ever, and it gives a lot of character development to the show’s most recognizable hero, King Arthur. Arthur appears as Artoria Pendragon, and thanks to the legendary Excalibur, she is arguably the most powerful Saber-class Maid.

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Arthur’s armor can negate any non-S rank magic attack, but his sword is the true source of his power. Her debut Noble Phantasm conceals Excalibur in the form of invisible air, an act that gives her an incredible advantage in melee. Her second Noble Phantasm reveals Excalibur, and she can shoot a powerful beam of light from its tip. This beam destroys everything in its path.

Solomon / Goetia


Not a single entry into the Fate The series can be considered a magical girl anime, but it does contain a lot of magical minions. Solomon is a Caster class hero who fought in the First Holy Grail War of the Destiny / Grand Order timeline, and he is considered the king of all magecraft. Solomon is referred to as the Grand Caster, which places him above all other Servants in terms of power. He can summon sentient beings to help him, and he possesses clairvoyance. One of his Noble Phantasms exists outside of reality, and he is immortal within. Another Noble Phantasm projects millions of light beams capable of destroying humanity.



Achilles is the Rider-class servant for the Red Faction in Destiny / Apocrypha, and he called himself a heroic spirit because of the fame he accumulated during the Trojan Wars. He was blessed by the gods and trained by Chiron, and he is also considered one of the fastest heroes in history. His skill with a spear is virtually unmatched and he possesses several Noble Phantasms, including one that makes every part of his body immortal. His heel, however, is not protected by this ability. His spear creates an arena that exists out of time and forces his opponent to fight him in a one-on-one battle. Its trump card is a shield that can block almost any attack.



Karna served the red faction in Destiny / Apocrypha, and he’s hands down the most powerful Lancer class minion in the series. He is the son of the sun god, Surya, which makes him one of the greatest heroes in Indian mythology, and his combat skills allow him to take on multiple minions at once without any problem. Karna’s armor is a Noble Phantasm that can protect him from very powerful attacks, and when it comes to offending, he can harness the power of the sun. His biggest attack is called Vasavi Shakti, and it forces him to sacrifice his armor. When this is done, he can fire a spear of light capable of killing a god.



Enkidu started out as a piece of clay molded by the gods, and they became Gilgamesh’s only friend. These are the “Fake” class servants Lancer in Fate / strange False, and they are the most powerful humans created by God because Aruru, the goddess of creation, poured out all of her magical power into them.

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In terms of fighting strength, Enkidu is equal to Gilgamesh, even though they have the power to transform all of creation. His Noble Phantasm is called, Age of Babylon, and it allows them to create immaculate clay weapons. It is the only Noble Phantasm that corresponds to Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon.



Gilgamesh has appeared in several Holy Grail Wars and is by far the most powerful Archer-class minion in the series. He is a demigod who ruled ancient Mesopotamia, and he is considered the first hero in history and the origin of all other heroic myths. He is considered the most powerful heroic spirit, and the main source of his power is his Noble Phantasm, Gate of Babylon. This grants him access to all the treasures he’s gathered across the world, including mythical weapons that will eventually be used by other heroes. His trump card is a sword called Ea, which can warp reality and destroy anything in its path.

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