10 non-animated shows to watch if you liked Death Note


An original from Studio Madhouse, Death threat Blends the genres of dark fantasy and procedural thriller for a thrilling experience that will appeal to anime fans and anime newbies alike. Besides the titular notebook, one of the most notable elements of the anime is the transformation of its central antihero Light Yagami from a righteous student to a rampaging serial killer.

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While the series has had its fair share of fantastic elements, Death threat Also makes good use of the police procedural format in terms of investigating Light’s illegal antics. For fans of the anime who are looking for something similar to watch, these crime dramas and thrillers share similar elements, but in a live-action format.

ten Dexter (2006-2021) – Available on Prime Video

Much like the two-faced existence of Light Yagami, Dexter Morgan leads a double life in this crime thriller series. Dexter finds its protagonist serving as a forensic technician by day and a vigilante serial killer by night, with targets that are often criminals who have been unleashed by the criminal system.

Exploring its addiction to murder and its so-called moral crusade, the series plays down where it is possible to go in the name of vigilantism. As his murderous encounters increase, Dexter Morgan just gets worse and worse. This evolution from man to monster might wow fans of Death threat because Light Yagami also thinks that his actions might be wrongful, but they always give him a sense of moral superiority.

9 Ash Vs Evil Dead (2015-2018) – Available on Netflix

Mia (Jane Levy) in Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Serving as a direct sequel to the original trilogy, the horror comedy Ash vs. Evil Dead finds Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams struggling with the so-called “Evil Dead” once again.

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Even though the show is tonally different from Death threat, one reason fans are interested in it is the unique focus on deadly laptops. Apart from Death threatthe eponymous notebook of, the most terrifying book in pop culture could easily be the Necronomicon, the book of the dead of evil Dead series. And just as the root of Light’s troubles is the supernatural Death threat, Ash is also reluctantly asked to be the keeper of the Book despite the horrors it can unleash.

8 Mindhunter (2017-) – Available on Netflix

For those who are interested in knowing the psyche of a murderer, Spirit hunter makes it an essential watch. Based on real-life psychological texts and interviews with FBI serial killers, the psychological thriller features detailed and haunting conversations with killers like Charles Manson.

However, rather than simply detailing their crimes, Spirit hunterThe darker, more frightening moments of “attempt to understand in depth what drives these people to commit heinous crimes. On the surface, even Light could kill criminals as part of his own moral crusade against crime. The complex. divine that follows is enough for him to break his own notions to the point that he begins to appreciate violence. Spirit hunter tries to undo.

7 Constantine (2014-2015) – Available on DIRECTV

John Constantine conjuring magic in the Constantine series

Matt Ryan’s take on DC Comics exorcist John Constantine was popularized with the Arrowverse version in Legends of tomorrow, but the character first appeared in a short-lived standalone series.

Largely solving demonic cases, Constantine carries a traumatic past from her time in Hell. Although Death threat mainly focuses on his human anti-hero, the Shinigami (spirit) known as Ryuk also plays a central role. Constantine’s spiritual adventures in hell might attract Death threat fans who want to learn more about the Spirit Realm. The two characters are more and more tormented by their supernatural encounters with the only difference that Constantine wishes to give up this life of pain while Light kisses him.

6 Legion (2017-2019) – Available on Hulu

Dan Stevens as David in Legion Season 3

Psychological and supernatural monsters torment FX’s main character Legion, an offbeat spin-off from X Men movie theater. Dan Stevens plays David, a mutant with extremely volatile telekinetic powers who ends up drawing the wrath of telepathic villain Shadow King.

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Although David would never become an antagonist like Light Yagami, his mental transition and confusing violent dates are what would excite Death threat Fans. Then, just like Ryuk guiding Light’s fateful decisions, David is also mentally manipulated by the parasite Shadow King and his henchmen who control him.

5 Girl from Nowhere (2018-) – Available on Netflix

Nanno in Girl from nowhere

The Thai Horror Anthology Series Girl out of nowhere offers a delightful twist to dramatic high school shots. The title refers to an immortal entity disguised as a schoolgirl called Nanno. She ends up visiting several schools while uncovering dark secrets in each episode. With her evil subtlety, she exposes the misdeeds of several students by giving them a lesson or two.

Nanno’s self-proclaimed Path of Vengeance is fun to watch as it unfolds with dark humor and moral conflict over notions of right and wrong. The transition of her personality from naive schoolgirl to thrill-seeker feels like the metamorphosis of Death threatthe main character of. Both are mentally convinced that their way of revenge gives them moral authority over others.

4 Sherlock (2010-2016) – Available on VUDU

Sherlock and Watson

When it comes to cat-and-mouse games between detective and criminal, the BBC Sherlock is perhaps the best show to interpret this criminal genre trope. Benedict Cumberbatch joins the long list of actors who have played Sherlock Holmes.

The mental conflicts between Sherlock and the antagonistic character Moriarty are quite reminiscent of Light and L’s continued rivalry in Death threat. In either case, the opposing forces are just as intelligent and engage in mind games leaving behind a trail of clues. Even the fan fiction in both cases is similar given that the hero and the villain are dispatched as “enemies”.

3 The Sinner (2017-) – Available on Netflix

Bill Pullman is watching someone in The Sinner.

The fisherman finds a police detective investigating heinous crimes that are more than often committed by unlikely culprits. Even though the series is largely a police procedural anthology, Bill Pullman delivers one of his best performances as the constant protagonist, Detective Harry Ambrose.

The procedural elements of the thriller might remind some viewers of the case Light’s father pursued against the unknown mass killer (who turned out to be his own son). Such surprises are frequent in The fisherman also with his choice of unexpected criminals.

2 How to Cope with Murder (2014-2020) – Available on Netflix

A highly skilled lawyer and criminal defense professor, along with her students, are embroiled in a murder plot. It is How to get away with a murderIt’s storyline on the surface that only includes more and more nuance over time. With enough twists and turns, the series is deliciously delicious.

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Plus, Light Yagami literally understands coming out of murder throughout Death threat. So, all of the unique ways to escape crime as seen on this show might excite fans of the anime. While viewers want Light to pay for his crimes, they would only encourage Annalize Keating not to get caught up in murder. The contrast is what makes the comparison more exciting.

1 Death Note (Live-Action) (2015) – Available on Crunchyroll

Light Yagami holding a notebook while Light and Near stand in the background in a still image from Death Note

pure and hard Death threat fans would be disappointed with Netflix’s live-action film. However, once they’re done with the anime and manga, there are a few other live-action options available, like adaptations of Japanese films and mini-series. The latter largely retains the premise of its source material, allowing fans to relive the best moments of the anime with the same thrilling pace.

Live adaptation concludes the cat and mouse chase between Death threatthe main characters of Light and L (and later Near) in the span of 11 one-hour episodes.

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The main characters of Legacies and their counterparts from the Vampire Diaries

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