10 Hulu anime series you should be streaming right now

Some the best movies and TV shows reside on Hulu. There’s no shortage of hidden gems on the streaming service, so many of us can’t choose between Netflix and Hulu. While we’ve tried to shut down this debate, there’s one area we haven’t tapped yet: anime. If you’re a huge anime fan and looking to expand your horizons this year, look no further – here are the best Hulu anime shows you should be streaming right now.

We’ve rounded up ten of the coolest Hulu anime in 2022, looking to give everyone something – a little humor, lots of fighting, and a pretty decent amount of the supernatural. And when you want to see a classic animated story with the kids, you can even dip into Disney’s treasure chest as the company offers Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu in one Disney bundle.

Kaguya-sama: Love is war

We couldn’t have started our top anime on Valentine’s Day without suggesting a romantic comedy. This one scores pretty high on iMDB and features Kaguya and Miyuki, the student council leaders of Shuchiin Academy. The two love each other more than they care to show, so, of course, they fight and tease each other relentlessly. It’s sometimes a bit cliché, but filled with good humor.

Hulu only hosts the first season of the series, enough to help you decide if it’s your cup of tea or not.

Yu Yu Hakusho

If you like classic 90s anime, this one is a must. It tells the story of a carefree and selfish teenager who you would imagine as a villain and not a main character.

Still, Yusuke earns his hero title when he sacrifices his life to save a boy from a car crash.

Her journey doesn’t end there, however. In fact, he comes back to life as a spirit detective to fight monsters, demons, and humans.

Parasite – The Maxim

A little like Venom, here, an unassuming teenager becomes host to an alien, Migi. Their symbiotic relationship brings changes to both lives and personalities.

As the human Shinichi Izumi loses some of his humanity, Migi becomes a bit more heartwarming.

The series remains a psychological thriller as you’ll find yourself addicted to the characters’ inner journey, dark and haunting at times.

Afro Samurai

An anime dubbed by Samuel L. Jackson? It must be good!

Indeed, with a score of 7.7 on iMDB, this anime will have you hooked with a unique yet crisp animation style. The story is quite simple, so you can watch the whole series in one day.

The story of Afro the samurai is as old as time – a story of revenge against his father’s murderer.

Food wars!

Maybe Japanese sword fighting and monster fighting are not really for you. How about a culinary journey instead?

Food wars! tells the story of an aspiring chef, Souma, who finds himself studying at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world.

As someone who has never left his father’s shadow before, Souma faces many challenges and challengers.

We said we had something for everyone, right?

The attack of the Titans

Humanity is no longer safe. In fact, humans have spent the last 100 years behind walls, trying to escape the wrath of monstrous giants called Titans.

Few escape but among them are two children who swear to defeat the creatures after seeing their loved ones eaten alive.

This is a new series, with the final season coming to the platform in 2020.

Sword Art Online

Want to take MMORPG into the real world? That’s what this anime is about!

Thousands of players, including Kirito, our main character, are trapped in a fully immersive MMORPG. The mission is simple – escape the virtual world as soon as possible. The series is a must-have for all gamers who fantasized about the two worlds – digital and reality – becoming one.

Fruit basket

Believe it or not, this oddly-named anime is one of the best out there, according to iMDB. The show follows a hugely popular manga centered around Tohru Honda, a high school orphan.

She is taken under her classmate’s wing and ends up living with her and her family. Meanwhile, the teenager discovers that the Soma family are cursed to transform into Chinese zodiac animals whenever they feel a strong emotion.

As she begins to tend to the Soma family, our main character realizes the curse can only be broken with her help.


No anime list could be complete without a pure fighting series. Megalobox follows the story of Joe, an underground fighter who boxes with exoskeletons taking the sport to new heights.

After battling Megalobox’s ultimate champion, Joe finds himself starting at the bottom and working his way up for the chance of a rematch.

Steins; Gate

Finally, Steins; Gate is suspenseful science fiction and an adaptation of a well-known visual novel.

The first half of the show is pretty slow for those of you used to epic sci-fi movies, but give it a chance and you’ll discover a lovable cast of characters struggling to make sense of time travel.

In the second half, the pace is much faster, because you understand Rintaro Okabe better and you can appreciate their captivating adventures.

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Best Hulu anime: 10 Hulu anime series you should be streaming right now

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