10 horror animated series with non-supernatural threats


Horror is a popular genre of anime. The large amount of supernatural elements present in the anime allows this genre to flourish. Many animated series revolve around witches, ghosts, demons, and all kinds of mysterious ghouls. However, the threats of the supernatural variety aren’t the only ones that exist in the anime.

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Several horror anime use a human or natural threat. These real perils can sometimes be even more terrifying than the horrors of the Hereafter. These animated series may contain supernatural elements, but they all come with natural threats as well. While these dangers can range from scientific experiments to biological catastrophes and psychopaths, they are all rooted to some degree in the human world.

ten Higurashi: When they cry, things are never what they seem

Higurashi: when they cry is an anime that has been successfully adapted from a visual novel. The series looks like a typical slice of life anime, but over time the people of Hinamizawa begin to show their true natures.

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The people of this city are committing horrific acts of violence. This violence leads many to be paranoid about those around them. HigurashiThe brutal scenes of are what kept the series popular to this day.

9 Erased has a horrible twist antagonist

Satoru in the car from the anime Erased

While many would classify Erased As a thriller, the anime still has moments that are akin to serial killer horror movies. The amount of tension this series has led to many horrific moments. These terrifying moments are not triggered by a ghoul or a demon but rather by a man killing young children. This nightmarish situation makes viewers’ skin crawl while watching this show.

8 Perfect Blue makes horror the life of an idol

Mima surrounded by images of her in Perfect Blue

Perfect blue is an animated film by the late Satoshi Kon. Like many of Kon’s films, Perfect blue delves into the darker parts of the human psyche. Specifically for Perfect blue, the film delves into the psychological horror present in celebrity.

Mima, the protagonist, is horrified by her changing image and also by a stalker who leaves a trail of bodies leading to Mima. This animated film contains disturbing murder scenes and scenes of emotional and mental breakdowns. The scariest part of the movie, however, is that its plot isn’t too far removed from reality.

7 Monster designed one of the most complex and terrifying villains

Dr. Tenma with Monster Fun

The public praises Monster like a series with clever and complex character writing. Nowhere is this more present than in serial killer and series antagonist Johan Liebert.

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Johan is a terrifying character to follow due to his determination and the deeds he is willing to do. While Johan might not be a ghoul or a ghost, he is most definitely a monster.

6 Paranoia agent made audiences look inside themselves for the show’s scares

Maromi surrounded by the cast of Paranoia Agent

Satoshi Kon’s TV series Paranoia Agent follows the lives of several individuals in Tokyo after the arrival of serial assailant Lil ‘Slugger. The boy rides on golden roller skates and beats individuals with a golden baseball bat.

While that premise on its own is pretty gruesome, the show derives most of its fears from the psychological breakdown of those linked to Lil ‘Slugger. Watching paranoia gnaw at these people living in Tokyo is just as frightening as the acts of violence committed by Lil ‘Slugger.

5 Mirai Nikki’s Yuno Scares The Audience With Her Gruesome Murders

Yuno Gasai covering Mirai Nikki's face

If there is one thing to say about Mirai Nikkiof Yuno Gasai, she is committed to achieving her goals. Yuno Gasai is obsessed with the protagonist of the series Yukiteru, and she will do everything possible to keep her love alive.

As the titular colleague of the Future Diary, Yuno’s intentions are unclear. This is especially true given Yuno’s innocent appearance. His changing nature pairs well with his ability to brutally commit murder. These attributes make Yuno a horrific character that keeps audiences going.

4 Elfen Lied creates fear through evolution

Lucy with hands in the background of Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is an anime that isn’t entirely grounded in its plot, but the series doesn’t entirely revolve around supernatural elements. On the contrary, the powerful Diclonius of the anime receive their abilities through evolution.

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Lucy is the protagonist of the series. It is a Diclonius that has been the target of several human scientific tests. After escaping from the humans and their test center, Lucy is pursued by many frightening enemies. This series may have given audiences a grim view of science experiments and fear of the future.

3 Paprika makes the public fear his dreams

Split Paprika and Dr Chiba Atsuko in Paprika

Paprika presents its audience with many terrifying images. Much of the film takes place in the dreamlike landscape of emotionally damaged individuals. For this reason, the frightening images of the film do not surprise viewers.

The notion of Parika is definitely in the realm of science fiction. The film follows a group of scientists who attempt to recover a device that allows access to people’s dreams. Even though the concept is far-fetched, director Satoshi Kon’s use of science and psychology makes the film and its unsettling moments feel like they are grounded.

2 Deadman Wonderland has a lot of fears that come from entertainment

Shiro and Ganta together in Deadman Wonderland

Deadman wonderland is an animated series that uses many different genres. However, to ignore its use of horror would be to ignore what made this anime so successful.

Deadman wonderland is both the title of the show and a location. The setting of the show is chilling. It’s a prison disguised as a theme park. In this prison, inmates are forced to submit to grueling and disturbing games to stay alive. Sadly, many of these inmates die brutally, all to the enjoyment of the general public.

1 Happy Sugar Life manages to be a well-made thriller

The horrible look of Sato Matsuzaka from Happy Sugar Life

A look at Good life in sugar and many would assume that this is a series of slices of shojo life. However, this anime is a case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The protagonist of the series, Sato, is so devoted to Shio that Sato creates several horrific situations.

Sato brutally murders several individuals, all to ensure Shio’s safety. While one might walk into this anime expecting a sweet story, they will walk away with a disturbing story of murder and obsession.

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