10 best live-action animated movies


Hearing the words “live animated film” is often likely to instill fear in anime fans.

Throughout the history of cinema, there have been countless attempts to repackage successful live-action animation projects to help them reach a larger audience and create something new. But, more often than not, they end up being really disappointing movies that fail to capture what made the originals so special.

Movies like the live-action Attack on Titan series, Netflix’s Death Note, and Terra Formas have put their properties in the limelight and made them weak.

However, while it’s easy to see live-action animated adaptations as a constant source of failure, there have been some truly magnificent films that do a great job of capturing the essence of their source material and giving new viewers a breakthrough. fun ride.

Part of what makes the anime hard to adapt is that the medium’s lavish visuals, overt awkwardness, and niche style don’t translate well in real life. That being said, the following films work because they either embrace the chaotic feel of their material or adapt it in the right way.

When it comes to thinking of some of the most influential anime in media history, a lot of people might think of Bleach. It’s almost the black sheep of the anime fandom as it is respected and praised for its gripping spectacle and well-crafted world, but criticized for its repetition and familiarity.

Still, seeing it live is a thrilling experience, as this movie takes all of the mind-blowing elements of the anime and packs them into a tight runtime.

The story of Bleach follows a teenage boy named Ichigo, who can see ghosts. He soon meets a mysterious swordbearer named Rukia who brings him into the world of Soul Reapers, fighters who help guide the dead to the afterlife and purify the remaining souls who have become monsters called Hollows.

The adaptation successfully captures the great action feel of the series. The visuals on display and stunning weapons make this an easy watch, and while the world building is a bit difficult to grasp at the same time, it does a great job of bringing unfamiliar viewers into the world smoothly.

Simply put, seeing Hollows get ripped apart with giant swords is awesome, and that’s mostly what you’ll get in this movie. You can watch it easily on Netflix right now.

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