10 best anime shows of the past decade


The world of anime has had an exciting time over the past decade. What was once considered a niche medium outside of Japan has achieved mainstream status, in large part due to the quality of animation and storytelling presented by animation studios, but also often by filmmakers. creators whose manga series provided the source material for some of these series to be as successful as they did.

It is not by chance because the quality of the shows is undeniably excellent. The past 10 years have brought some of the best examples of anime the medium has ever seen, some conforming to what you would expect, and others subverting the art form in new and often exciting directions.

These following productions are the best of the best, as they have been the most popular and popular animation products of the past decade. Only titles that were introduced after 2011 will count, and that unfortunately means a lot of deserving shows failed to make this list …

It’s a show that certainly has its enemies, and we understand why. However, despite this, he still has a large number of fans and has become a staple in the anime community. So while a lot of people might not like it, Sword Art Online still deserves its place here.

SAO’s initial premise revolved around the story of a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online and the hapless victims of its creator. After the release of this new game, a large number of players log on, only to find that the title orchestrator has locked them all away, forcing them to live inside the game and seek freedom by completing it. To make matters worse, if you die in the game, you die in real life.

Since then, the story has evolved tremendously as its protagonists Kirito and Asuna seem to continue to find themselves in different storylines involving gaming and technology. His most recent arc was fascinating and took the series in a whole new direction.

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