10 Best Anime Shows And Movies For Kids, According To Reddit

Anime is one of the most expansive forms of anime media, with shows and movies spanning everything from fantasy worlds about to be contested by an evil entity, to unlikely friends coming together to cross paths. real world situations. With One piece: red creating box office records in Japan, more and more people consider anime a legitimate form of entertainment in other countries, leaving parents wondering if anime is suitable for their children.

Due to its cultural significance, there are several shows and movies made for kids in the anime style, and even some made for adults can be enjoyed by children.


10/10 Little Witch Academy

Redditor Reaper919 suggested, “Little Witch Academia is pretty cool,” when discussing recommendations for kids who want to get into anime shows and movies. The show focuses on a school of witches and the misadventures of the main character learning to become a witch.

The show focuses on the themes of becoming yourself and never giving up, which gives the show a motivational feel for kids who are struggling to grow and find themselves. common sense media recommends the show for children aged six to fourteen.

9/10 Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters are some of the most recognizable anime characters in the world, with shows and merchandise aimed at kids and adults alike. The Hello Kitty and her friends The show was suggested by Redditor ooReiko saying “Hello Kitty”, in a thread for parents looking for shows outside of Studio Ghibli movies.

Hello Kitty has five seasons of their show on YouTube, which will provide hours of entertainment, but episodes short enough that kids won’t get bored and lose interest in the show too quickly. The series focuses on friendship and overcoming challenges that are perfect for young children.

8/10 read on the wall

Mermaids are still popular in children’s media, with classics like The little Mermaid stand the test of time. For kids who love cartoons and mermaids, Redditor Reddit__Dave said, “Lu Over The Wall is a fun story about a mermaid meeting kids and learning to rock and roll.”

The classic storyline is one that parents are likely familiar with and may feel comfortable exposing their children to, but fun, new adventures that won’t become boring or feel overdone. Music being an important part of the story, there are plenty of songs for children to dance and sing along to.

7/10 Cagliostro Castle

Cagliostro Castle is one of many installments in the Lupine III series that has remained popular for over 50 years. Redditor johneaston1 said, “You don’t need to have seen any other Lupine III stuff to enjoy this. Also directed by Miyazaki, so it looks a lot like his Ghibli works.”

Even though there are spooky castle scenes, nothing is scarier than most scary animated horror movies for kids, like scooby-doo. The adventure and heist themes provide a fun and exciting story that more modern cartoons have adopted.

6/10 My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro has been dubbed a movie that radiates pure happiness by Reddit and comes up often when parents are looking for kid-friendly animated movies.

Redditor irunspeed said, “My neighbor Totoro highly recommends it.” The film has heavier themes with the sick mother for much of the film, but the rest of the film is fun and focuses on the two sisters befriending the spirits of their home and surroundings. Totoro is an endearing character that young and old will love.

5/10 Glittering Force Doki Doki

Glittering Force Doki Doki has all the elements of girl power and kid-friendly action scenes like She-Ra and the Princess of Power that parents can feel comfortable showing their children. The show uses a lot of Sailor Moon-type transition scenes, making any action completely non-violent.

One Redditor said, “You really can’t get much more kid-friendly. I recommend…Doki Doki, if you want the dubbed versions of Smile and Doki Doki, it’s on Netflix as ‘Glitter Force’.” The superhero look of the characters is ideal for multiple age groups, so the whole family can enjoy the show.

4/10 The boy and the beast

Among the recommendations for anime suitable for children The boy and the beast is often mentioned, Redditor GiftoftheGeek said, “I maintain a list of kid-friendly anime… My top recommendations are The Boy and the Beast…” The film in the series includes fight scenes, but nothing that does not include extreme violence that parents should be concerned about.

Even though The Beast is tall, he is by no means scary and is presented as a protector, not a villain. The unlikely relationship he and the boy form can be used to teach children to accept people’s differences.

3/10 Pokemon

Pokemon is perhaps the best-known anime in the world, with many parents watching the show when they were kids themselves, so it often appears on recommendations for current kids. Redditor Shortfudz said: “Pokémon would be the way to answer…”

Even though the characters do fight, there’s no blood in the show, which keeps the show family-friendly, and the cutest versions of characters like Pikachu take away any spooky scenes that may occur. The show has some educational value, especially when it comes to themes of human environmental impact and animal care.

2/10 Haikyuu

While not talked about as much as fantasy-based anime, sports anime is a great option for parents trying to find shows suitable for their kids. Redditor Gunnman369 said, “Any reason no one suggests Haikyuu!!? It’s like a shonen battle but about volleyball so there’s the hype without the battle.”

The show has intense scenes, but there is no violence and is perfect for children who like to play volleyball as they can relate to the characters, and the show is aimed at all ages, so adults can also enjoy the show.

1/10 Kiki’s Delivery Service

Another widely known anime is Kiki’s Delivery Service, which follows the adventures of Kiki and her cat as the former learns to be a witch. Redditor thisismyanimealt said, “Most Ghibli movies are great for kids. Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service,”

In true Studio Ghibli form, the film is heartwarming and focuses on fun and adventure versus violence and shock value. The movie is a favorite among anime fans of all ages is considered a classic in the community and is praised for its cute visuals and themes.

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